56 Sotelo Avenue
As we wrote about 56 Sotelo this past March:

It’s been ten months since 56 Sotelo Avenue first hit the market asking $1,995,000 having been purchased for $1,900,000 in 2007 and then remodeled incorporating new wrought iron gates imported from South America amongst other updates.

Relisted, reduced a few times and eventually listed as a short sale for “$1,599,000,” the listing for 56 Sotelo was withdrawn from the MLS on Monday despite having been in contract since mid-February according to the MLS.

Don’t fret if your “fussiest clients” never had a chance to see it, however, for the next day 56 Sotelo was listed anew with a new brokerage at $1,835,000 and an official “Days on the Market” count of one.

Yesterday, the sale of 56 Sotelo closed escrow with a reported contract price of $1,470,000, twenty-three percent ($430,000) below its pre-remodeled sale price recorded in 2007.
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14 thoughts on “The Rather Short Sale On Sotelo (That Took A Rather Long Time)”
  1. Among its various features illustrated on the website for this place, I love the airplane picture of downtown with the caption that says, “short drive to the city.”

  2. This one still baffles me. How did they end up taking so much less than what it was in contract for; with a back-up offer to that contract, never show it again, and take a much lower number months later.

  3. Since this property is down more than 10% from peak, and it’s not a busy street, the only rational conclusion to be drawn is that the 2007 buyers overpaid.

  4. ^ that makes sense. You can’t really expect buyers to bother themselves with comps when deciding how much to pay for a measly little 1.9million purchase, can you?

  5. Sparky, don’t you know that the markets is efficient in Socketsiteland? Individual circumstances mean nothing. One person wildy overbidss, heck, everybody was doing it! And it’s a COMP OMP omp! For the neighborhood! A comp I tells ya. A comp! And nowadays, banks can sell things the same as good realtors, so it’s all comps. Also, if it’s one property, it’s all of them. El Bombero knows this neighborhood really well too. ANd he always has great things to say. Come on now.

  6. Well, buyers certainly seem to get much better deals under the new paradigm! (or maybe, just maybe, they get better deals because prices have fallen a lot)

  7. “…don’t you know that the markets (sic) is efficient in Socketsiteland?”
    Not quite as delusional as the belief in flujland that 2007 never happened. I suggest “Baghdad Bob” as your next screen name.

  8. Sure. I’ll take that name. On the condition that you pick one screen name and make a post that is actually about something, instead of changing your name all the time and solely talking @ me from the perspective of impressions formed four years ago. E-turn the e-page already, homey.

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