364 17th Avenue
Purchased for $1,715,000 in July 2004 with loans totaling $1,541,785 (10 percent down), 364 17th Avenue returned to the market asking $1,825,000 in August 2009. Over the next eight months the asking price was subsequently reduced to $1,595,000.
And while the listing for 364 17th Avenue currently appears as “pending” on the MLS (and its list price was changed to $1,450,000 on June 30), public records suggest a transfer to National Residential Nominee Services for $1,525,000 on June 14. We’ll keep you posted.
The single-family Central Richmond home also sold in May 2002 for $1,500,000.
∙ Listing: 364 17th Avenue (4/2.75) – $1,450,000 (“Contingent”) [Redfin]

7 thoughts on “Apples (2010) To Apples (2004) To Apples (2002) For 364 17th Ave”
  1. So is this a good buy? Fairly close to GGP, so what is the opinion, if they hold it for 10 to 15 yrs?

  2. The location is not the best. The Cigarettes R’ Cheaper store and Walgreens is just at the corner. You are not close to GG, but you are within a half block of the 38 Geary bus and traffic zipping by. Just my opinion, but I still think it’s overpriced for the location.
    Oh yeah, nice job on cropping part of the extensive set of stairs away.

  3. Agree with Satch…
    It’s a B- location. Living a half block from Clement isn’t appealing. You are four blocks from GGP, three blocks from the presidio, and despite Clement on your corner, it’s not an appealing business strip.
    At some price point, perhaps, but it won’t be a quiet life, and at 1.4, what kind of ROI do you expect, even after 10 or fifteen years?
    To my surprise, it’s a nicer block of homes than most streets on the 300 block of the inner richmond.
    My broker pushed me to see this last fall at 1.8. Glad i didn’t bother.
    Curious to know what the secrecy is behind the transfer to the rep agency.

  4. “Someday that strip of Clement will gentrify. What a tragedy as-is.”
    Hah. Funny because my friend from Manhattan is visiting SF (for the first time) and the Clement/the Richmond is his favorite neighborhood, as-is.
    Chinatown “Annex.” Green Apple Books. Pho. Burma Superstar. That new-ish novelty store with a baby art gallery. Considering it’s swamped with residential houses on all sides, I think it’s got decent buzz and authenticity.
    I would only use Tragedy to describe the Sunset.

  5. I think everything up to Park Presidio is ok. Things start to get pretty raw the further west you go. I used to like the main drag of Clement when I first moved to CA, but right now I feel it needs a few, better restaurants. Not high-end, just better. I’m not optimistic about the rest of the stretch toward the ocean.
    Anyway, I could never justify spending 1.5+ million for anything past Park Presidio especially when there are a few homes east in Laurel Village and directly off Lake that seem to come on (and go quickly) at around that price.

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