1499 Masonic
The renovated red Victorian at 1499 Masonic is back on the market (and back on its lot).
1499 Masonic (Image Source:
Purchased for $2,275,000 in 2005, asking $2,095,000 in 2010 but not official inventory.
∙ Unlisted Listing: 1499 Masonic (4/3.5) – $2,095,000 []
SocketSite’s San Francisco Listed Housing Inventory: 6/14/10 [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by missionite

    That’s a really attractive remodel, but I’m a little confused as to where the TV goes.
    Oh wait “fully retractable projection screen” in the living room. Where did they put that I wonder? Does anyone out there have one of these? Seems like it would be a pain to retract a screen every time you want to watch a little TV.

  2. Posted by jenofla

    Let’s see: I see an eating bar, breakfast room, AND formal dining room on the main floor. And there’s a breakfast room in downstairs suite. No shortage of eateries in this house.

  3. Posted by A.T.

    Here’s a big, nice place in Pac Heights that just sold in this general price range — 10% under the 2001 (and 2004) price:
    Also, fwiw, I like this nearby place better (also recently reduced):
    High-end certainly seems to show continuing weakening.

  4. Posted by tipster

    I like how the left side of the pointed roof literally pokes into the apartment building next door, as if someone mis-measured.
    The top photo looks like the apartment building “bumped” the house in the last earthquake and tipped the roof to the left.

  5. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Wow, that is one of the most awkward abutments I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing that this house came first. I can imagine the consternation created when the owner of the adjacent lot decided to build the tree storied apartment building and place a wall right in front of the window. That must have been a fun neighborly moment.
    But the kitchen has a pot filler (one with two joints and two more leakage sites). Sold !

  6. Posted by eddy

    2922 sold for $2.6M so I’d say that is in a different league. But, why would you buy this home at any price? It’s just a terrible terrible lot.

  7. Posted by anonee

    ok a.t.,
    “High-end certainly seems to show continuing weakening”
    so how do you explain the recent sale of the pine street freeway house for $2.1million?

  8. Posted by A.T.

    This place is back.
    And the crop job on the first photo of this “detached” home is “stunning.”

  9. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    hoo boy, buyers guided by that cropped first photo are in for a disappointment once they show up at the property in-person.
    Generally cropping is considered to be one of the more ethical and least deceptive adjustments in the photographer’s kit of tricks. But this photo takes it to the limit.

  10. Posted by eddy

    That is a crop of ship. 🙂

  11. Posted by lol

    I passed by yesterday and the crop job looks really nasty as if someone had axed through the corner in a hurry.

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