1299 Bush #802 Living
While at least one of its 26 condos appears to be in contract (one-bedroom #204), after a month on the market list prices for 1299 Bush (“Citadine“) were just reduced between four ($70,000 off #802) and ten ($80,000 off #203) percent.
The “Citadine” Flags Are Flying At 1299 Bush [SocketSite]
Citadine (1299 Bush): Current Pricing And A Peek Inside [SocketSite]

4 thoughts on “Citadine Cuts Between Four And Ten Percent For Listed Condos”
  1. Dear editor, the Citadine website says (in reference to the real estate market) “The only way, as they say, is up”. As such, I beleive you are in error here and the prices must have gone UP between four and ten percent. Please advise.

  2. Ah, such fond memories of my 80s college rec room: that picture is essentially it, with a nicer view!
    The black appliances, the “whole kitchen is just one wall” look, the green windows, the shiny puke yellow cabinet panels! This would be a great pad for people still bitter about the demise of disco.

  3. Wow !……….everything is open to everything. I may have missed it but is the toilet hanging on the wall somewhere ?

  4. In the Sun 11/29/2009 Chronicle classifieds:
    SF downtown near St Francis Hospital, brand new 26 units + commercial. Condo papers. Elegant contemp finishes.
    Call Pete.

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