908 Steiner
It’s a new year, a new listing (now an official three days on the market), and a new price (now asking $300,000/15.4% less than its asking in early December) for 908 Steiner. But it’s still the same old Victorian grandeur and detail which you’ll either love or hate.
∙ Listing: 908 Steiner (4/3.5) – $1,650,000 [MLS]
Victorian Through And Through (For The Most Part): 908 Steiner [SocketSite]

12 thoughts on “New Year, New Listing, And New Price (But Old Victorian Grandeur)”
  1. A $1.65M property where they are too ashamed to list the sqft or the # of beds/baths. I don’t think these tactics will go over too well in 2009. My advice would be to open the kimono!
    So how does the editor figure out the beds/baths?
    [Editor’s Note: The SocketSite achieves of course.]

  2. “Wouldn’t about $4000 in wallpaper stripping and earth tone paint increase the marketability?”
    No it would not. There is no shortage of people who love SF Victorians; indeed there whole organizations of such people. This decoration cost tens of thousands. The question is whether the price is right for the house and location. If so, some Victorianophile will buy it.

  3. It’s not on Alamo Square, or part of that famous row, it’s north of Fulton. I don’t know if I could put an exact number on the premium that particular block could generate. But I don’t think 500K would be out of the question. Plus, no parking on Steiner and Fulton? Tough. This one wouldn’t be a super easy sale in any market except a very hot one. Some Victorian lovers will probably take note now tho, well under 500 a foot.

  4. It may not be one of those famouse painted ladies but it sits right behind the ArchBishop’s Mansion… not exactly a shabby locale. As for the interior, I disagree with Conifer in that a little nuetralizing would indeed increase the marketability, as it is, it’s quite norrow.
    A spectacular example of a fun with a Bradbury & Bradbury catalogue

  5. The amount of space a garage takes up the buyer could rent out for $1000- $1500 a month min. For those of you who’d rather have parking, I have to ask, who’s the stupid one?

  6. I actually also think that painting may increase the marketability of this place.
    as it is, ONLY Victorian officionados would consider buying this place. those who don’t likely wouldn’t buy it because they can’t envision the space without the glam… and also wouldn’t buy it because many people like me would love to have that house and update it, but feel it’s somehow wrong to do so.
    I would hate to live there, but could never bring myself to update it either.
    if someone did it for me, it’d be guilt free.

  7. ex-SF-er is correct: “it’s somehow wrong to do so.”
    This is a small piece of SF social and architectural history. Let us hope that some wise person, who wants to live in this neighborhood and appreciates the restoration that has been done, buys it.
    The world should not be completely controlled by people who want “earth tones.” Just think what the “earth tone” people would have done to City Hall if they had “modernized” it in the 1960s. Do not forget the complete evil of destroying hundreds of Victorians in the Western Addition, in the name of “urban renewal.”

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