San Francisco Tennis Club

“Lena Grotz, a club member who has been active with Save Our San Francisco Tennis Club, said the Western Athletic Club is taking over the facility at 645 5th St. and would not only preserve the tennis club, but also expand it. Four of the outdoor, rooftop courts will be covered, and new workout facilities will be built.”

Pulte Homes had planned to raze the club and build over 500 condos on the Central SoMa site.

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  1. Posted by Grimwood

    Hmm… “Norcal Waste rumbles over to 50 California St.” Thanks for the SF Biz Times link, SS 😉

  2. Posted by Miles

    Some SF Business Times articles have multiple items in them, but the online version only gives you the first paragraph or so – not enough to even get to the beginning of this item. So in this case, I believe you have to be a subscriber to their paper to read the whole article online.

  3. Posted by sf

    This looks like Sim City planning gone obsessive. “Let’s cram all of the park zoning into one block to boost our ‘recreation’ zoning.”

  4. Posted by bk

    This is one butt-ugly building. Bleh.

  5. Posted by Jon Schwark

    did that expansion ever happen? I just read in socketsite today that the building was sold again, probably for a 200 foot office building.

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