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A reader asks, a reader (or two) answer, and we once again bow down to Wayne (in a we’re not worthy kind of way):

Here is the real story. This property has been in construction for 4 years and has seen 2 shoddy contractors come and go. 2 months ago a reputable builder was brought on board and indeed the whole building must be redone, including all the rough electrical and rough plumbing. Much of this has been done over the last 2 months. Fortunately only about 5% of the sheetrock was hung.

The roof is coming off and the ENTIRE stucco too. Scaffold will be erected in the next few weeks so there will be a more visible sign of activity. This project will be rented out and there is no question of foreclosure. Lots of litigation though! Completion late Summer ’09.

Cheers. And as always, thank you for plugging in.
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