255 Berry #103: Master Bedroom
It’s not exactly our style (or in this case, perhaps styles), but we do feel compelled to call out the unique use of Venetian plaster, crown molding and plantation shutters in this contemporary condo. And while we don’t necessarily mean that pejoratively, the execution does seem a bit disjointed.
UPDATE (6/18): 255 Berry #103 closed escrow on 6/17/08 with a reported contract price of $790,000 (16.7% under asking).
∙ Listing: 255 Berry Street #103 (2/2.5) – $949,000 [MLS]

6 thoughts on “Calling Out The Crown Moldings (And More) In A Contemporary Condo”
  1. I walk by this unit every day. It almost seems like you would be living right on the sidewalk and for a million bucks I would want to be able to open the blinds once in a while. Then again, this side of Berry will never get any sunlight exposure. Would be perfect for a budding exhibitionist though.

  2. That place looks HORRID. The bedroom ceiling looks like they used a ceiling wood laminate — in which case the crown is there to cover the expansion edges. There has to be 1/4 inch all around to allow for it.
    Maybe it’s me but Pergo is Pergo is Pergo, no matter where you put it, it’s crap.

  3. The builder of the Winchester House in San Jose believed she would stay alive as long as she kept building.
    Here I think the Owner realized they would actually have to start living in this place once they finished remodeling, so they put it off for way too long.

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