176 Palm
176 Palm: Great room
It’s an elegant façade, enclave (Jordan Park) and remodel. And while some might be quick to judge the “great room” above (which we quite like), keep in mind there’s also a formal dining room (not to mention living room) as well.
∙ Listing: 176 Palm Ave (4/4) – $2,995,000 [MLS]

2 thoughts on “From Couch To Kitchen To BBQ And Back In No Time Flat: 176 Palm”
  1. For Jordan Park, it’s a pretty “meh” location. It’s one of the least desireable blocks, across Palm from a middle School and way towards the Geary end of the street, where the houses become condos.
    Given what happened to that 2-unit TIC on Euclid (nice inside, bad block, apartments on either side), I wouldn’t be surprised to see this go under asking.
    On the other hand, 164 Jordan just went for $3.3mm, as did a couple of places on Commonwealth. While those are much better locations, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go a bit over 3mm if the renovations are good and they can fool somebody into thinking it’s really Jordan Park.

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