117 Laurel Grove Avenue

Listed for $9.75 million in 2012, a price which was reduced to $8.95 million in 2013 and then to $7.95 million later that year, the rather spectacular Morrison Estate at 117 Laurel Grove Avenue in Ross is back on the market and asking $6,995,000.

Built for Alexander Morrison, the founder of San Francisco’s Morrison and Foerster, or MoFo for short, the estate has been whittled down from 40 acres in 1903 to a little over 1.4 acres today, but the big views of Mt. Tam and Mt. Baldy, and estate-styled living, remain.

And the interior of the 7,120-square-foot home has been restyled since the estate was last listed.

10 thoughts on “Rather Spectacular Morrison Estate Returns Listed For $3M Less”
  1. It saddens me when massive estates get chopped down into smaller lots. Granted, 1.4 acres is not small, it pales in comparison to the 40 this estate had. Do heirs simply sell them off because they run out of money?

  2. Mishmash of styles but I like the property, can see myself lounging on that porch with a cocktail.

    1. “What’s so special about Ross that so many uber wealthy want to live there?”
      Why not ask former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom? He lives there now.

    2. Beyond its physical beauty and small town appeal, Ross has a strong network effect. People with money want to live there because other people with *more* money already do. Like Woodside, Hillsborough, or Tiburon.

      The public elementary schools are first-rate and everyone sends their kids there. For people interested in rubbing shoulders with the elite, the PTA is a great place to do it.

      For anyone who derives their money from a job in downtown San Francisco, Ross is not an easy commute.

    3. All subjective of course, but Central Marin, in my opinion, is the nicest place to live in the Bay Area. You get probably the nicest weather in the Bay Area. Sunny and warm all summer. Cool and clear in the winter. Mostly blocked from the fog you get in the city and southern Marin. The schools are great. It’s safe. There’s space. Ross is close to a number of other great towns – San Anselmo, Fairfax, Larkspur. All great places to live. Awesome trails for hiking and biking. Easy access to the beach, the city. It’s just a really nice, comfortable place to live – especially if you have a family.

      The commute can take a while, but the ferry is probably the nicest form of public transit in the bay area. And you can ride your bike into SF from Marin.

  3. @ pvc I agree with all these things you’ve listed about central Marin but they desperately lack in diversity.

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