As we wrote about the Dumican Mosey Architects designed home above in December:

Listed for $3,400,000 on November 10 with “Offers Due” at 1pm on November 21, the high-end Noe Valley home at 1612 Church Street remains on the market and its list price has been reduced by 9 percent to $3,095,000. A new due date hasn’t been listed for the home.

The sale of 1612 Church closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $3,225,000.


5 thoughts on “A Designer Noe Home Gets Its Due And Goes For $3.225 Million”
  1. WOW! Hope they fixed those windows frames in the front bedroom that don’t quite line up prior to the closing.
    So does this mean that $3.2 million is sort of the top price for Church Street (streetcar noise) and stuff on the quieter streets of Noe Valley will go even higher?

  2. Not so surprised at this outcome, while the location isn’t the best in Noe, it did have very nice features and expansive use of large scale glazing, (windows and doors are nicer than what most flipers are putting in)….nice finishes, greta lighting and a good outdoor space as well as a very nice facade, flush doors, pivot entry etc.

  3. Looks great, though the first thing the new owners will do is install floor to ceiling blinds, second thing will be to close them.

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