Designed by Dumican Mosey Architects, the 30-foot-high entry to the “renovated” Noe Valley home at 1612 Church Street highlights the cold-rolled steel and glass staircase that now connects all three levels of the contemporary home.


The lower level family room looks out to a private outdoor patio with built-in seating and a ribbon flame fireplace while the main level with ten foot ceilings opens to a landscaped terrace.


Now on the market for $3,400,000 with three bedrooms on the upper level, as the home at 1612 Church Street looked in June of 2012 when purchased for $930,000 prior to the renovation:


∙ Listing: 1612 Church Street (3/3.5) – $3,400,000 []

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  1. Posted by jack

    I like the garage door treatment. I hope there’re more like it in the future remodels.

  2. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    I’ll take it! 🙂
    This is near my house, I was checking it out while they were still working on it. I think it is beautiful, though it feels like of open to the street.
    Whether anyone really wants to pay that much to live on a busy street with the J-Church rolling by is another matter.

  3. Posted by Tired and Emotional

    I thought it was supposed to be difficult to get planning to allow construction of a SFH on a RH2 zoned lot. I also thought a change in the building envelope required time-consuming reviews. To get the necessary approvals and complete the construction in 18 months is remarkable.
    It’ll be interesting to compare this with 1774 Church, another new renovation that opened last weekend. 1774 looks bigger (there’s no square footage listed for 1612) and of equivalent quality but is listed for half a million less. One of them is mispriced.

  4. Posted by sf


  5. Posted by around1905

    Not at all surprising but still fundamentally mystifying.
    There is all this talk about the dire lack of housing for the middle class, but here we have a SFR, with parking, that came up for sale in a cool neighborhood for under 1M.
    Did the ‘middle class’ bite? They did not. Instead, this place has been sucked into the maw of the reno industrial complex and spit out as high-end housing. The 0.5% will live here.
    What all this really seems to mean is that folks today demand stylish, they demand turnkey, and they want that new house smell. Regardless of where they sit in the economic spectrum. If they are middle class and want to live in a cool neighborhood, they will live in a condo because it has to be reno’d and ‘done’. The days of buying a fixer and cleaning it up over time may be over.

  6. Posted by Johntrev

    Nice and all, but $3.4 million is a lot of money to have the J Church rumbling steps in front of your door. (And the concrete Muni post bisecting your facade; is it still there, just in the shadows or photoshopped out of the night exterior shot?)

  7. Posted by Footie

    I. Die.

  8. Posted by Brad

    Great job on the remodel. A definite improvement to the curb appeal.

  9. Posted by lyqwyd

    When it last sold it was extremely dated, and probably in need to some significant systems upgrades. Most middle class people don’t have the ability or resources or experience to take on a project like that.

  10. Posted by Sierrajeff

    (1) good call on the concrete Muni post – nice thing to look out upon through those huge glass windows!
    (2) sure the garage door *looks* nice, but how many people are going to park across the drive because they don’t notice it’s actually a garage door?!

  11. Posted by noe mom

    Does it have some sort of electronic curtains that come down at night to give the residents privacy? I mean even rich people like to walk around in their underwear sometimes? But again why is this called a remodel? It ia a tear down pure and simple. This is new construction. If they had been honest and called it a demo, it might never have been built. Or it would have been built and they would have had to pay higher fees to the City and it would have received more scrutiny from the neighbors and the City.

  12. Posted by robsf

    Definitely a nicely designed house and finishes but $3.4 on Church St??! That’s well over $1,000 per sq ft. Going to be interesting to see how it turns out but I say keep dreaming!

  13. Posted by noodle

    Noe Mom, what makes you say this project didn’t get scrutiny from the neighbors? Just because a project does not require a demolition permit doesn’t mean there isn’t a required neighbor meeting followed by a section 311 notification.

  14. Posted by Rocco

    @ T&E– the ground floor can function as a separate unit.
    @ Noe Mom- everything you want to know is at the Planning Dept site. It’s entirely possible it was a demolition– but it scales well to the neighbors, retains the RH2 zoning, and undoubtedly went through a neighbor meeting.

  15. Posted by lyqwyd

    @ T & E
    It was already a single family home, so there was no change to that aspect of the property.
    Regarding the length of time to get a project approved, it really depends on the neighbors. If nobody complains, then the permit process can be completed in as little as 4 months. If people complain then it can take quite a while, but usually still under a year for relatively small projects such as this (as compared to multi-unit developments).

  16. Posted by Lori

    OMG I want. Fabulous job!

  17. Posted by jerry

    Please….has anyone really looked at this place close up….
    What a botch job on the countertops, concrete I guess, but probably looked rough once installed so they decided to cover them with some blackish paint/finish, they even broke it on one of the countertops and tried to patch it in right in the middle of the sink seam. The place was not ready for an open house, the tile floors were filthy, stains of the tiles, paint through the place. Manufacture stickers still on the windows, cabinets not operating properly..
    I’m sorry, for that price I expect better execution and attention to detail.
    Maybe people have soooo much money that they don’t care about stuff like that…..??

  18. Posted by Futurist

    Nice project. Beautiful details and finishes.

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