With Bravo’s “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley” reality show having been cancelled, Ben, Hermione and Marcus’ San Francisco crib (“the villa“) has quietly hit the market for $6,750,000.
While the address for the “unique and extraordinary” home is undisclosed on the Sotheby’s site, it’s 377 Collingwood, and in which “Ben’s” beloved four poster bed is still in place.
According to the listing, “the historically inspired architecture, exquisite design finishes, expansive double lot and the magnificent views make this property truly unforgettable” (unlike the short-lived show and its cast of Silicon Valley characters caricatures).
And yes, this is the crib with the bean shaped pool:

∙ Listing: 377 Collingwood (5/4.5) – $6,750,000 [Sotheby’s]
Check out Ben, Hermione, and Marcus’ digs [Bravo]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by yep

    Why is this going for 5.5m over its last sale 2 years ago?
    01/19/2011 Sold $1,135,000

  2. Posted by 49yo hipster

    Bummer. That was an awesome show man.
    Guess its back to the real housewives….

  3. Posted by Jackson

    Does anyone know when the pool was installed?
    Judging from Google Maps, it looks like the backyard had a steep decline down to the homes on Castro street.
    Was the backyard somehow built up with retaining walls in order to install the pool?

  4. Posted by D5-Resident

    Overpriced. By like… millions.
    I’ve been to parties there. Cool place, a little mismatched, and still carries a bit of the “2 unit converted to SFH” feel. If you’re going to do Spanish Med architecture it has to be done all the way and the blending here doesn’t totally work.

  5. Posted by 94114

    The same agent has the listing on the other multimillion dollar house on Collingwood. Nice work if you can get it.

  6. Posted by curmudgeon

    There has been a pool there for at least 20 years, but I’m not sure if it was this bean shaped one. I recall a rectangular pool, but I might be wrong.

  7. Posted by Agent415

    @94114 – The agent’s not selling either one of these homes. Not without a serious haircut.

  8. Posted by redseca2

    I see two very nice condo or TIC units set in fabulous front and rear gardens. But I am having great difficulty seeing a 6.75 million dollar single family home.

  9. Posted by Mark F.

    A beautiful home. But 6.75 million? Someone needs to take their crazy pills. Maybe 4 million.

  10. Posted by 49yo hipster

    Maybe the star power of the former cast that lived there will help sell this at 6.75. Maybe.

  11. Posted by Robert R

    Starpower? That was a terrible show…and since it was cancelled, I guess I wasn’t alone in thinking that.

  12. Posted by noe mom

    I think this means the boom is over.

  13. Posted by Charles P

    One of a kind home, amazing views, great street, terrible show and cast though. Hopefully they don’t come with the house.

  14. Posted by Charles P

    One of a kind home, amazing views, great street, terrible show and cast though. Hopefully they don’t come with the house.

  15. Posted by bgelldawg

    Per MLS, removed from the market after 62 days.

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