Atop its corner perch at the corner of Mariposa and Utah, the former art school building at 2255 Mariposa Street was remodeled in 1987 and converted to legal dwelling units.

2255 Mariposa Living

With a 12,500 square foot lot, 6,645 square feet of buildings, and up to 30-foot ceilings in the main house, the Potrero Hill compound has just hit the market listed for $5,995,000.

∙ Listing: 2255 Mariposa Street – $5,995,000 []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Air Quality

    I wonder what the PPM particulate count is at that corner?

  2. Posted by RonMonster

    Particulate, scharticulate.
    Indoor/outdoor Bay Area air quality is above certain CHHSLs anyway.
    Great property and western views.

  3. Posted by mas

    I used to walk pass this house often, the location is awesome and you can tell it has good views.
    Not sure about the price tag though. Sounds a bit steep to me, but what do I know, it only takes one.
    I’m surprised no one has jumped in say, “But this is on the other side of 101! It’s not Potrero Hill!” Actually, it is.

  4. Posted by Mr. E.

    @mas – I think being perched on a serpentine outcropping scares away those who would deign to claim this space for the Mission.

  5. Posted by Serge

    Awesome building, but I wonder how loud the 101 is from that height? You might eventually tune it out, but could get quite annoying.

  6. Posted by Marten

    It is not “the 101.” It is “101.”

  7. Posted by Rillion

    Not for people that grew up in southern california. All freeways get ‘the’ added to their number. Carry over from when they all had real names not numbers, like ‘the golden state freeway’, ‘the santa monica freeway’, ‘the hollywood freeway’, ‘the harbor freeway’. When they started referring to them as numbers, they kept the ‘the’. While I never refer to freeways that exist only in Northern California with a ‘the’, the ones that go all the way up the state such as 101 & 5, I’ll still throw a ‘the’ on them occassionally.
    And if you want to be pedantic, its “US Route 101” or “US Highway 101”.

  8. Posted by Serge

    It’s whatever you want it to be, and I grew up here. Being a stickler about something so petty seems like a colossal waste of time.
    If you want to get on someone’s case, go talk to people who call the City “Frisco” or “San Fran.”
    [Editor’s Note: And now back to the compound at hand, or its proximity to (the) 101…]

  9. Posted by jw2200

    no parking
    perched above (the) 101
    somewhat isolated location
    no public open showings
    The house is set back from the freeway with another property immediately to the west buffered by trees.
    The only way to know about potential noise problems, as with most Potrero Hill properties, is to go inside and listen since even side-by-side properties can vary dramatically.
    If this sells anywhere close to asking it will be the most expensive property sale in the area. The current highest price property is 752 Carolina which sold for $3.250 million two years ago.
    My guess is the owner has a buyer in mind but wants to test the market for pricing.

  10. Posted by Friscan

    Nice interiors.
    The SoCal/NorCal vernacular discussion about using “the” for transportation-by-numbers made me chuckle: I’d say that here, the location near 101 might be tough, but at least it’s not far from The 22 and The 9.

  11. Posted by Truth

    LOL. If you dont have native San Franciscan friends who will occasionally refer to the city as “Frisco,” then you havent been here very long. The whole “don’t call it Frisco” thing was a campaign by the late columnist Herb Caen. He was a great columnist and all, but he wasn’t the boss of anybody! Plenty of SF people say Frisco. I kind of like it myself.

  12. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for the Potrero Hill compound at 2255 Mariposa Street has just been cut by $1,000,000 (17 percent), now asking $4,995,000.

  13. Posted by Truth

    Still off by 2 million. It will cost a million to engineer a garage into that serpentine cliff.

  14. Posted by Brian

    No way this place is overpriced at this point. Gutted SFHs are going for over $750/sq ft near there – all it takes is one buyer (or that twitter IPO).

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