We’ve all heard about closet sized bedrooms. But in this case, it appears to be the other way around with one of two bedrooms within the 1,952 square foot Millennium Tower Grand Residence #43D converted to a wardrobe complete with folding table:

Priced at $4,250,000 or $2,125,000 per bedroom and a little under $2,200 per square foot, this might just be the most expensive closet, but not bedroom, in San Francisco.
∙ Listing: 301 Mission Street #43D (2/3) 1,952 sqft – $4,250,000 [millenniumtower43d]
The Millennium: A Few Things You Might Know (And A Few You Don’t) [SocketSite]
Asking $4.5 Million Per Bedroom (And There’s Only One) [SocketSite]

11 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Closet In San Francisco”
  1. This isn’t a spec build is it? The remod of the bedroom into a closet was done by the current owner for their own use, right? It is likely that the next owner will convert this back into a bedroom.
    The folding table is a little funny since anyone who can afford this place is probably sending all their laundry out to the cleaners.
    The closet photo had me fooled into thinking that the space was larger until I noticed that there’s a 45 degree mirror to the left. Clever cropping on that photo!

  2. With a good sized wardrobe it is common to put on some clothes only to realize that the outfit doesn’t work out as planned. When this happens garments are removed and others put on until the outfit comes together. A folding table is a great place to hold garments that got taken out and unfolded until they get folded and put back, presumably by staff. This isn’t a little funny, but quite practical.

  3. Unlikely the owners have live-in staff at this home, since it is functionally a one bedroom. More likely they listened to their interior designer’s idea to make this a dressing room, rather than a guest bedroom, with the idea that visiting family would stay in a hotel.

  4. That’s an awesome bachelor pad. One main feature of luxury bachelor pads is that it has to wow whoever you bring there. A closet the size of a large bedroom gets the work done. Whatever wooing you were doing went a couple of notches highers.

  5. The folding table can also be a place to put jewelry and other accessories while you’re picking out your outfit from the closet.

  6. It’s more correctly a “folding island” as per the listing. Makes sense– there’s always something you want to put down, and this serves the same function as a bureau top or the foot of your bed.
    A close look at the images makes me think the library/office/3rd bedroom many of these units have was eliminated as well and opened up to the living area space.

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