From the plugged-in reader who purchased the Noe Valley “house with a conscience” at 3961 25th Street for $2,850,000 back in June of 2009:

Fun to read all of your comments, I bought the house and am very happy.

For me it was the location (flat and close to 24th street, the gym/shopping) and the family friendly part that was the appeal. The Green part was nice but did not really register as all that significant.

I think the quality is beautiful and obviously love the lay out. Children can access the yard from the main floor of the house & that is very appealing. I have seen all of the houses mentioned on the blog but was really taken by this one.

The four-bedroom home has just returned to the market listed for $3,299,000.
We’re still fans, especially of the indoor/outdoor living and deck action we noted before:

∙ Listing: 3961 25th Street (4/3.5) – $3,299,000 []
A Noe “House With A Conscience” (And Listing Lob): 3961 25th Street [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Das ist ein Sparkhaus, ja?

  2. Posted by lol

    I think it is.
    Fun to read all the comments, and the outing of our own Plan C (who used to be Plan B). I am also happy to see that a few pillows have been chopped this time for good measure 😉
    In light of the recent sales in NV, I’d venture the asking is pretty conservative. This is a very nice house. Great location too. My wild guesstimate: 3.7M.

  3. Posted by john

    As an investor in ExxonMobile, I love a green-built house that uses all that cheap, hydrofracked natural gas to heat the outdoor decks. Keep the green houses coming, SF!

  4. Posted by mdreaming

    Congratulations on your purchase of your beautiful home!

  5. Posted by mikey woodz

    after looking at this on sunday, Im amazed if this kind of poor quality/cheap dated finishing fetches 3.3m on a so-so block, if this is the norm, then 4m noe SFRs are approaching quicker than I thought.

  6. Posted by Anon

    The finishes are not cheap.

  7. Posted by 49yo hipster

    “Das ist ein Sparkhaus, ja?”
    En ist der sparky?

  8. Posted by mikey woodz

    Finishes are cheap IMHPO, dinky chrome faucets/fixtures, cheap doors and hardware, structural posts in the living room, (should have concealed a ceiling beam….cheap trim…., small bedrooms, handscraped floors, not a 3m+ place…

  9. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    I would very tentatively say that Noe is cooling off just a tad. It is still hot, just not hot, hot, hot.
    I am about as informed about the market as one can be, since I am an active participant currently and watching every single sale.
    This could just be wishful thinking though.

  10. Posted by CSInvestor

    We saw this house this past weekend. It’s very well done, and there was decent traffic at the open house. If I had to find fault with it would be as follows:
    1. The downstairs living/family/media room felt narrow and not very well thought out during design.
    2. The front living room, as mentioned above, should have had the structural support hidden.
    3. This particular block is mediocre, and the house to the immediate left is, to put it politely, not the nicest house on the block.
    4. At around 2,800 sq. ft. according to the agent, this house is priced at $1,175 per square foot.
    I guess if I had to choose between this house, the house on Alvarado that just sold for almost $3.6, the house on Douglass that’s pending (listed at $3.2), and the LEED house on Sanchez that was featured on this site a few months ago and sold for $2.95, this would be my last choice, and it’s the most expensive per square foot.
    Just my two cents.

  11. Posted by Noemom

    @NoeValleyJim – just curious what makes you think Noe is cooling, even a bit? 536 Alvarado closed just a week and a half ago at almost $1200 per square foot and $675K over asking. There have been a lot of big sales with large numbers of offers in April. Did something happen in the past week that made you think so? Not disagreeing, just genuinely interested.

  12. Posted by no_ vally

    @NVJ–prescient comments on 4/30…saw the price was just trimmed last night by a massive $400k ($3.299m to $2.899m). Or perhaps the selling agents have an offer in hand at $3.2mm and just need to post that requisite ~10% overbid to prove nothing sells below ask!

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