Built by Henry Geilfuss for Charles Dietle in 1885 and sold for a bag of gold salvaged from the buyer’s destroyed business following the great quake in 1906, the Charles Dietle House at 294 Page Street was designated as San Francisco Landmark #48 in 1972.


Purchased for $2,362,500 in October 2006 having been listed for $2,995,000 that May and housing a law office at the time, the five-bedroom Victorian with a variance for commercial activity is back on the market with an interior that’s since been restored.


Listed for $2,995,000 once again, as of this morning, that’s roughly 2,034 ounces of gold versus the roughly 4,000 ounces paid in 2006. Is it time to salvage that bag of your own?

7 thoughts on “From A Bag Of Gold In 1906 To 2,034 Troy Ounces Today”
  1. Awesome! And this neighborhood has improved by leaps and bounds since 2006. Trivia note: the sellers’ former place was featured on Socketsite as well.

  2. A beautiful home, and I also agree the area has improved since 2006.
    Since 1906 too! This article makes me wonder how exactly another large earthquake would affect prices today.

  3. With such generous space on the main floor, just think how open it will feel when the right buyer tears down all of those silly Victorian walls!

  4. The sale of 294 Page closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $3,365,100 or roughly 2,428 ounces of gold at today’s spot price.

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