Designed by architect, owner and 3D software entrepreneur David Colleen, the modern “Green House on Goat Hill” at 761 Kansas Street has just hit the market over in Potrero.
Listed for $3,195,000, the 3,500 square foot home which was designed for “optimal light and space” features an open floor plan, four bedrooms, and a rather unique master bath:

And don’t miss the wood burning pizza oven out back.
∙ Listing: 761 Kansas (4/3.5) 3,500 sqft – $3,195,000 []
The Green House on Goat Hill []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by formidable doer of the nasty

    – Honey, what do you say we make a pizza tonight?
    – Great idea! I’ll go start a smelly polluting wood fire now so the oven is ready for pizza in 4-6 hours.

    Other than that, great house in a great location. The design choices are bold and there are a few I don’t love (like the rock sink and red bamboo backsplash) but it’s got character.
    $3.2M… dayum! Pot Hill is movin’ on up.

  2. Posted by wiger toods

    I’m guessing the pizza oven has not been used in a long time. Otherwise, the bamboo would catch fire from the smoke out the chimney.
    Nice place though.

  3. Posted by Jimmy (No Longer Bitter)

    How precious. Urbanites don’t want to sully themselves with cooking over a “smelly, polluting” wood fire… is it a little to close to your cave dwelling ancestors for your comfort?
    There is nothing better than steaks and artichokes grilled over a hardwood fire. Cooking well over a wood fire is an art form and the wood-fired oven is a great addition to the house.

  4. Posted by marvinsnephew

    God awful ugly color. And the bay and tile looks like something out of an LA strip mall from the 60’s. $3.2 million? I’m sure someone will pony up the cash, but really??

  5. Posted by BobN

    I’m intrigued about all the open air showers we’ve seen of late. Do people really keep their homes that warm?

  6. Posted by SoBayRealtor

    Regarding the link to the narrative PDF, if I pulled my index finger out of my throat I’d suffocate in my own vomit.

  7. Posted by noodle

    Roughly 1% of the male population has protanopia, which is caused by a lack of red photoreceptors.
    They have to live somewhere, too.

  8. Posted by September

    What a magnificent house. I went by it on Sunday and it’s bigger than these pics portray. Also, the views are stunning, I think the frame is made of iron this house seems solid as a rock. The outdoor pizza oven is far enough away from the house n bamboo…this house feels soooo BIG! Hummm, $3.2 I think they will get more than asking.

  9. Posted by mikey woodz

    wow I toured it on sunday as well, and while it’s a good size, the fixtures and finishes are very questionable and feel very dated, I would need to do a full cosmetic remodel to fix it IMO. Also dont see how this will sell for 3.2 if the new construction place on De Haro couldn’t sell

  10. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 761 Kansas closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $3,195,000.

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