Above, the façade of 901 De Haro Street before its recent renovation. Below, the carefully cropped façade of the house as it now appears and on the market asking $3,450,000:


An elevator now connects the rebuilt and expanded four-level home with four bedrooms and four baths and a living room, kitchen, dining room and deck with gas grill up top.


40 thoughts on “Before And After, Inside And Out: 901 De Haro On Potrero Hill”
  1. I dont think the price is to insane, just as good as Noe IMO, better weather and better views than most of Noe, good to see high-end stuff in Potrero hitting the market

  2. Nicely done for the most part. It’s a little sterile for my tastes, but maybe that’s just the staging. I don’t think the price is insane but I think it’s somewhat high.
    Hard to see the sun loungers in the yard getting much use after early morning with the huge wall of the next door property overshadowing (literally) the open area.

  3. Four story million dollar walk up homes compensate with elevators which are tiny claustrophobic to many ( ME ) and take much longer than a stair climb. Are they used much and are they worth it other than “PR” ?

  4. We will have to disagree – I cannot think of another sale like it. The link in my name shows what’s happened in the area for the last two years. While nice, I cannot see this topping the chart.
    Also, I dislike the kitchen. Yes, it’s actually somewhat efficient in layout. But it feels small to me and I don’t like the appliances or the surfaces. And is a soffit to the cabinetry too difficult?

  5. If I had an elevator, I’d use it as a moving utility closet for cleaning and repair supplies and laundry delivery, back and forth. At least until the day I might need it to move myself up and down.

  6. I agree with Mr.E, I don’t see anything like this selling in Potrero, and on top of that only 1 house in Noe has sold for that much with a regular sized lot (and only 4 total).
    I will say that is hasn’t been tried in Potrero so it could happen.
    Also the market is hot, hot, hot.

  7. OK, nobody’s saying it, but here it goes: 3 1/2 mil to live on PoHill’s south slope a quarter-mile from the projects? they’re lucky if they get 2.8
    ridiculous that DBI permits total only about $200k

  8. It’s indeed north slope. Southern Heights is the top of the Hill along De Haro. The problem is that it is not convenient to the 18th or 20th Street amenities (not to mention Dogpatch). It’s also not convenient to the Mission.
    It is convenient (read: next door) to the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House, which is a jewel of a facility that serves the Potrero community in many wonderful ways. That service, however, is not something that would generally support a $3.5mm ask for an adjacent property.

  9. Sorry for the poor language but WTF is up with that kitchen. Are they serious? A kitchen that small for a house that large and of that price point? The sink looks like it belongs in a wet bar. Where’s the fridge? Dishwasher?

  10. Lori the fridge and the dishwasher are built in, most of the high end kitchen manufacturers do this now for a seamless look

  11. agree though that the kitchen is to small for this size/pricepoint. Looks like same developer as those new condos on Alabama which had the same smallish kitchens and all the same finishes as this place

  12. well mikey, lori….the developers had built a second kitchen on the roof deck on top of the house which was not included in plans and had to remove…

  13. Interesting Tom, I was thinking why no roof deck because for a pricepoint this high there not really a lot of deck space and with a roof deck I believe youd have 360 views

  14. Coveted that building when it was last (kinda) listed. North Slope, about as high on the hill as you can get. A+ views. Bigger building for PH. Being next door to The Nabe will bring some extra noise every now and then. Crazy not to have some sort of roof deck, although I believe it has stairs to access the roof. Pretty sure we’ll all be stunned if it gets anything close to that asking price though.

  15. “… the fridge and the dishwasher are built in, most of the high end kitchen manufacturers do this now for a seamless look”
    The seamless look is nice while it lasts though I wonder what happens when the appliances behind those matching panels konk out when they reach end-of-life (or earlier).
    Is it reasonable to expect that plug in replacements will be available off the shelf ? Or do you just send the whole kitchen to the landfill and remodel when the fridge breaks down?
    Has a form factor standard been established yet? Do builders and buyers even care?

  16. Milkshake; you get panel-less replacements and swap out the panels. it is a bit more of hassle but on the high-end stuff, is pretty standard.
    And i agree the ask is a reach.
    take care.

  17. The seamless look is nice while it lasts though I wonder what happens when the appliances behind those matching panels konk out when they reach end-of-life (or earlier).
    I bought a house with a low end panelized Amana refrigerator that looked pretty sweet. It wasn’t seamless, but everyone was impressed with the maple panels (where’s the frig?) When it gave up the ghost a couple of years back, I soon came to the conclusion that the only way I was reusing the maple panels is if I found a used Amana frig of the same vintage. I was game to try on Craigslist but the wiser half of the marriage won out. Thankfully, the old frig was a standard size and a suitable LG replacement was found. As a side benefit I embraced parenthood and the accompanying refrigerator magnets. Anybody need some maple veneer…

  18. No one has mentioned….that narrow, basically unusable garage! Imagine backing out that steep incline. Asking price is pure insanity….verified by the fact still sitting after 3 months of a hot hot hot market!

  19. I wouldn’t call that an outdoor kitchen. It appears to be nothing more than a built-in barbeque (with “built-in” being applied broadly).
    [Editor’s Note: That’s not the roof deck, nor kitchen that has been removed, pictured above.]

  20. They already have two indoor kitchens and a built-in BBQ on the deck, and yet the owner added an illegal rooftop kitchen? Someone really likes food.

  21. 901 De Haro has just returned to the MLS with an official “2” days on the market and listed for $3,179,000, a sale at which would be considered to be “at asking” accoring to industry and agent stats.

  22. As noted above, 901 De Haro returned to the MLS last week with an official “2” days on the market and listed for $3,179,000, a sale at which would be considered to be “at asking” according to industry and agent stats.
    Today, the property’s status was changed directly to “In Escrow – Firm” with all contingencies having been waived.

  23. 3 houses next to each other on De Haro all sold for more $3.2! 2 of them didn’t even make it on to the market! one of them ‘set a new record’. What is going on Socketsite??

  24. Someone should let the city know 863 and 873 sold for over $3.2. I’m sure they’d be happy to know so they can raise the taxes, but it seems nobody bothered to let them know.

  25. Can someone post pictures and find the prices for these other 2 houses? Seems like De Haro street is on quite a trajectory

  26. My great grandfather, a Russian immigrant, built that house and my grandma grew up in it. He built many houses on Potrero Hill.

  27. Unfortunately…the new owners of this property have just recently used their influence (the price paid among other things) to shut down, or otherwise compromise the running hours of a vital Community Center that has sat next door for nearly 100 years. Rest assured, this vital centerpiece for the community will NOT be compromised without a fight the way other such changes in this city have.

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