368 Vallejo Exterior

As we first wrote about the twelve foot wide, eleven on the inside, modern Telegraph Hill home at 368 Vallejo in July:

Purchased for $272,000 in 1998, the one-bedroom single-family home on a 657 square foot lot at 368 Vallejo has since been Dwell-ified and graced the pages of said publication.

Now measuring 900 square feet over two levels with a rather lovely rear patio and modern finishes throughout, the Telegraph Hill home is back on the market and asking $999,000.

And while only 900 square feet, it’s living much larger and luxuriously.

The sale of 368 Vallejo Street closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $960,000, roughly $1,067 per efficient square foot.

368 Vallejo Interior

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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by lol

    Congrats to the seller. It’s a very creative use of the space and creativity has been rewarded.
    From experience I know there’s a gap between your idea of flaws in a place you want to purchase and actually living with these flaws. The buyers probably know the house is most likely at the top of its potential in terms of use of space and comfort.

  2. Posted by Cade

    My goodness. So that’s what a million dollar house looks like in San Francisco. Very adorable but I just don’t know how regular people can afford something like this. SF real estate is sure not for the faint of heart.

  3. Posted by emanon

    I agree with Cade, absolutely insane. I can’t get my hands around what my income would have to be and how many other houses I’d have to own before I thought spending that much dough on that dump was a good idea. I guess the rich really are different.

  4. Posted by Robert R

    I bet the owner is planning to tear it down and build a 30 story building. Each floor will have a 5′ x 5′ room, a 3’x3′ bathroom, and an elevator.

  5. Posted by zig

    That is most certainly not what a typical million dollar home looks like in SF
    Not even close.

  6. Posted by emanon

    ^^^ Yet someone paid that much. How do you keep from crying (or laughing) at the house-warming party?

  7. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    emanon: I’m not a real estate agent, but it seems obvious that what constitutes “a typical million dollar home…in SF” changes, in some cases dramatically, based on the neighborhood. Perhaps the buyers really wanted to live in Telegraph Hill in a dwell-ified place?
    The guests at the hypothetical house-warming party are going to understand that.
    For the record, I said on a previous thread that I didn’t think they’d get what they were asking, but only 3.9% under isn’t too shabby.

  8. Posted by Rocco

    @zig: Very true. Most $1-million-dollar homes in SF are dumps. This one is almost entirely new and beautifully detailed. Not everyone needs three bedrooms and a garage.

  9. Posted by anon

    “Most $1-million-dollar homes in SF are dumps.”
    That’s a ridiculous statement.

  10. Posted by Alai

    I just don’t know how regular people can afford something like this
    Because a large million-dollar house is so much more affordable than a small million-dollar house…

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