Wondering how expensive the permits might be to demo, rebuild or remodel a property in San Francisco? Or perhaps how high (or rather low) the financial barriers are to appeal Planning’s approval of a project or file a dreaded Discretionary Review (DR) in an attempt to protect a view or extract a settlement in the name of preservation? Here’s the full fee schedule which will be 2.23% more expensive and effective as of August 31, 2012.
Schedule of San Francisco Planning Department Application Fees []
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Michael

    We need DR/appeal reform. The concept is sound, the structure is flawed and abused.

  2. Posted by Rick

    I’ve looked online but failed to find a matching fee schedule which details the campaign contributions needed to secure BOS approval for a new development. Perhaps a Plugged In reader outraged by how easily one can buy the signatures required to give all voters a chance to weigh in on a development decision can explain the democratic procedure by which I can influence David Chiu’s or Mark Farrell’s measured judgment.

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