Transit Center District Plan Parks

As plugged-in people know, Oscar Park will bring over an acre of green and outdoor recreation space to the Transbay neighborhood, stretching from Howard to Harrison and extending east to west down the new Oscar Alley.

Oscar Park Concept

If you feel like weighing in or reporting back, conceptual designs for the park will be presented at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on July 12, starting at 5:30PM.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by CH

    Nice to see play areas for kids on the boards.

  2. Posted by Unplugged

    Let the graffiti and vandalism begin!

  3. Posted by no thanks

    “Hey kids, who wants to go play under in the dark shadows under the concrete structure?”. I am curious how the landscape is to grow with limited light available in the image above as well.

  4. Posted by RobBob

    When I was a kid we liked the shade. I think it’s more adults that want sunlight because it appeals to their idea of what is “natural” and “normal.”

  5. Posted by anon94123

    Bright hot sunshine is a rare problem in San Francisco. Who knew shade was so desirable in such a foggy city?

  6. Posted by RobBob

    Sunny SOMA is not to be confused with the sunset or richmond.

  7. Posted by James

    Shade is fine. Saves money on sunscreen. Kids don’t really care as long as there are fun things to play on. And “no thanks,” garden much? There are plants that prefer shade. Rec & Parks is well aware of these things.

  8. Posted by sf

    Some of the most lush flora grows in shade. Ever seen a rainforest?

  9. Posted by BT

    I often wondered what became of the hookers who use to do business under the Central Freeway in Hayes Valley. The elevated structure kept everyone dry during the winter rains. Nice to see the City providing this amenity once again.

  10. Posted by neighbor

    Is that suppose to be “Howard to Harrison” two blocks, or just Howard to Folsom, one block? If it is two blocks, what’s the story with the bridge on-ramp @Harrison?
    Also, with the new homeless center at Folsom/Oscar, and the already mentioned highway overpass, I’m sure it will be really nice to bring the kids to this park.
    For all the planning that the city does, it doesn’t seem to help reduce the number of bone headed decision.

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