870 Harrison: Rendering

As plugged-in people know, the building of a 65-foot-tall mixed-use building at 870 Harrison Street was approved back in 2009.

Running out of time to start construction before its approval expires, and citing “economic issues and market conditions caused by the economic recession,” tomorrow San Francisco’s Planning Commission will entertain a request to extend approval until 2015, without which “the project cannot be built and San Francisco will lose 26 residential units, including 4 BMR units (17% of the total units), as well as 2,324 square feet of PDR space” upon the site.

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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. My understanding is that most entitlements whether commercial or residential are extended and the sponsor does not have to go through the EIR process again. Is that correct?
    How long can a sponsor extend before starting work and do sponsor’s pay a “fee”, “tax” for the right to extend.
    I’m not trying to pass any value judgement I just want to get a better understanding of the residential and commercial entitlement process.
    Thank you.

  2. Posted by BT

    In this particular case, what San Francisco will lose is an uninspired, mediocre infill building than which the next owner of the lot cannot do worse. I say take away the entitlements and start over. Extensions are probably a good idea in the case of a trophy building of landmark quality, but something like this? If they are going to be routinely extended then why have limits at all?

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