Salesforce Mission Bay Campus Olive Building
The office allocation for the first four buildings of’s Mission Bay Campus is poised to be approved by San Francisco’s Planning Commission on Thursday, March 1.
The four buildings will yield 1,488,996 square feet, 1,254,551 of which will be office space, 41,363 ground floor retail, and 6,000 square feet for childcare. 1,394 parking spaces will be built underground while parking for 260 bikes will be spread between the four buildings.
A four-acre open plaza will be at the center of it all.
Salesforce Mission Bay Campus Pink Building

Supportive of Salesforce’s overall plan, two design requests by way of the Mission Bay Citizens Advisory Committee: to be “thoughtful about where the brightest accent colors are placed, as they will be visible to the occupants of surrounding buildings” and “sensitive about rooftop uses, visible from Potrero Hill.” Campus Key Elements And Design Preview [SocketSite]
Designs For Salesforce’s Global Headquarters Complex in Mission Bay [SocketSite]
A Bit Of Color On (And For) Salesforce’s Campus In Mission Bay [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “thoughtful about where the brightest accent colors are placed, as they will be visible to the occupants of surrounding buildings”
    In a town where anyone can paint their house in Playskool colors? Hardy har har.

  2. Posted by david m

    i can’t believe how deeply i dislike this. i’ve really tried to examine it from every angle – clearly a lot of intelligent people seem to appreciate it. but it always comes back to how ugly and wasteful i find it, even by sf standards. i hope that, by some miracle, this thing is value engineered into something better. wow.

  3. Posted by James

    this is what happens when San Francisco tries to compete with Silicon Valley: it recreates downtown San Jose in Mission Bay.
    I do have some hope that the ground floor retail will help make this a neighborhood instead of an office park, but only time will tell.

  4. Posted by Joe

    Who cares. Build it. yesterday.
    Not every single building needs to be scrutinized at the nanoparticle level.
    I promise you, life will go on for you, even if you hate this development at the very core of your being.

  5. Posted by JoeBob

    @Joe….agreed! Now please provide your home address…i wanna know when property next to you or across the street is available so I can depend on your support at the Planning Commission when I want to go for a significant variance.

  6. Posted by Joe

    Oh, I didnt realize you were living down in Mission bay and will be a neighbor to these properties. Are you a mole? I was pretty sure most of the adjacent lots are empty.

  7. Posted by lurker

    I live in Dogpatch. Perhaps you could consider me to be a neighbor. I say build it.
    Salesforce is a fantastic company and should be a great addition to the neighborhood. I love the fact that they’re bypassing the standard corporate cafeteria with the goal of bringing in cafes and restaurants. That suggests to me that they hope to be something more than just a standard corporate office park.
    Also, these buildings will be a nice contrast to the much more muted tones of UCSF. Each UCSF building is okay looking by itself, but in aggregate, they’re starting to look a bit bland.

  8. Posted by Rillion

    Sad that salesforce has decided to build their new headquarters in Miami instead of SF.

  9. Posted by Palms

    Well, for the haters of this project, Salesforce will no longer be developing in the Mission Bay:

  10. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    Good for Saleforces employee. Downtown is a much better place to work than South Mission Bay, at least for now.

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