Plugged-in people have perused numbers two and three at 357 Tehama Street, now it’s time for a peek inside the top-floor number four which is back on the market and asking $3,995,000 having been purchased as “raw space” for $1,990,000 in 2005.

357 Tehama #4 Living

The full-floor brick and timber #4 measures 3,535 square feet and was built-out with two bedrooms and two baths, including a 7 foot “airbath” and double shower in the master.

357 Tehama #4 Bath
357 Tehama #4 Kitchen

In terms of entertaining, the kitchen features a 6-burner Blue Star range with 22,000 BTU’s and there’s a 800-bottle temperature controlled Redwood wine room. Oh, and the 3,535 square feet doesn’t include the deeded roof deck with outdoor kitchen and fireplace.

357 Tehama #4 Roof Deck

And yes, there’s two car parking below to boot.
∙ Listing: 357 Tehama (2/2.5) 3,535 sqft – $3,995,000 []
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by ExAgent

    The roof deck is a bit of a disappointment and the second bath is looking a little 80’s, but love the living space and choice of finishes. Big space but still feels cozy.

  2. Posted by James

    The roof deck is a disappointment? I suppose you’ve got a better one?

  3. Posted by JAC

    The roof deck is a disappointment because it’s ugly. That paint color is brutal.

  4. Posted by anonandon

    Sad to say, SOHO is cleaner than SOMA. (At least on my most recent visits to NYC)

  5. Posted by lol

    Nice pad. $1100/sf is a bit rich though. I’ll guess it sells for $3.25M.

  6. Posted by CH

    I like this one a lot. Agree the roof deck isn’t on par with the rest of the place. I know it’s hard to remove one, but any restrictions on adding a bedroom? Would rather have a third bedroom versus two ‘living rooms’.

  7. Posted by snider

    when’s that IPO?

  8. Posted by Q

    How much do potential buyers discount a brick building in SF? I know that I wouldn’t even consider one, no matter how pretty or cheap.

  9. Posted by testy

    The granite in the kitchen feels very suburbs and the sinks in all the bathrooms feel dated. Hard to see this going for more than $3m

  10. Posted by James

    yes, I can see you all sitting on that roof deck on a cool evening sipping a glass of wine, complaining about how disappointing it really is. Probably upset that you can see the ugly top of the Marriott from there, too.

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