611 Washington #2202 Floor Plan
Featuring big Coit Tower views and both indoor and outdoor perches from which to watch boulders (or condos) roll down Telegraph Hill, the 1,784 square foot condo #2202 at 611 Washington Street was purchased for $2,668,000 in June of 2007.
Built as a one, the now two-bedroom is back on the market and listed for $2,200,000, eighteen (18) percent below its 2007 sale.
And yes, we know the most recent boulders rolled down the other side of the Hill.
∙ Listing: 611 Washington (2/2) 1,784 sqft – $2,200,000 []
Just Quotes: This Is (Going To Be) A Mess On Telegraph Hill [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by around1905

    The floor plan seems to be missing windows along the top edge…

  2. Posted by EH

    hehe, i thoguht the same thing. i think they were just lazy and cranked something out in microsoft word. that said, this is my kind of place!

  3. Posted by mike

    Wow, can’t help but compare this with the more expensive unit at ORH. Actually, no comparison for me. I’d choose this one in a heartbeat.

  4. Posted by lyqwyd

    Yeah, this place seems so much better than the place recently posted at One Rincon Hill.

  5. Posted by BobN

    What’s a “FAU”?

  6. Posted by JustLooking

    I could not resist. A full list is below, but I am going with Forced Air Unit or Fixed Access Unit.
    FAU Florida Atlantic University
    FAU Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo (Portuguese: Architecture and Urbanism College)
    FAU Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)
    FAU Film Adapter Unit
    FAU Friends’ Ambulance Unit (Quaker run first aid unit)
    FAU Forced Air Unit
    FAU Flight Attendants Union (Cathay Pacific)
    FAU Federación Argentina de Urología (Argentine Urology Association)
    FAU Flow Admission Update (LFAP)
    FAU Fixed Access Unit
    FAU Fetal Assessment Unit
    FAU Floating-point Arithmetic Unit
    FAU FORSCOM Augmentation Unit
    FAU Facial Action Unit
    FAU File Allocation Unit
    FAU Flexible Add/Drop Unit
    FAU Formerly Assessed Under
    FAU Fur Affinity United (anthropomorphic convention)
    FAU First Article Unit
    FAU Formazin Attenuation Unit (water turbidity)

  7. Posted by M

    Kinda weird that guests have to use the master shower, but otherwise it looks beautiful.

  8. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    • HOA Dues: $1,928.
    • Price/ft.²: $1,233.
    The place at One Rincon Hill mike mentioned above is a 3Br/3BA at $1,206 per ft.² with HOA dues of $882, so I guess it comes down to your view of the neighborhood and bldg. differences.

  9. Posted by lyqwyd

    One thing to note: I believe the patio would not be included in the square footage calculation. I wonder what the amenities are that they are basing the HOA rate at?

  10. Posted by EH

    “not ORH” has to be worth something.

  11. Posted by *

    it’s great to see high end properties selling at nice sized discounts.

  12. Posted by around1905

    The HOA thing always amazes me.
    I figure that for a SFR, you need to put somewhere between 1-3% of the replacement cost of the building in a rainy-day fund — if you don’t spend it for a few years, you let it bank up and then the new roof/foundation repair/new paint/general pre-emptive maintenance/etc… gets paid for without drama.
    Of course, most people don’t account for this so their places get more and more rundown the longer they live there, and then get shocked by their place coming down around them.
    A ‘high’ HOA, especially in a building that has been running sustainably for a number of years, means that the owners are fully funding its maintenance.

  13. Posted by anon94123

    Is there no laundry in the unit?

  14. Posted by R

    You guys seem to have a hard time with these blueprints..
    Laundry is lower left, next to kitchen across from closet.
    Master bath has tub and shower. Second bath has shower.

  15. Posted by hand drafter

    what came first? toilet or the walls?

  16. Posted by BobN

    That’s the way I like answers, thorough and a bit deranged. 🙂
    If I had a FAU, I’d want it to open in the HW.

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