Folsom at Fremont
Slated for 450 housing units, 150 of which will be below market rate, four development teams have submitted proposals to build a 300 foot tower, townhouses, and a series of mid-rise buildings on Transbay blocks 6 and 7 between Beale and Fremont on Folsom.
Transbay Blocks 6 and 7 Plan
The four competing teams as first reported by JK Dineen:

1. Chicago-based Golub & Company along with affordable housing partner Mercy Housing. The market rate tower of the Golub/Mercy proposal is being designed by One Rincon Hill designer Solomon Cordwell Buenz, with the affordable component designed by Santos Prescott and Associates.

2. Avant Housing (a partnership of AGI Capital and TMG Partners ) with an affordable team of Chinatown Community Development Corp. and Bridge Housing. The lead architect is Skidmore Owings & Merrill with associate architect Fougeron Architecture. Saida + Sullivan Design Partners is the designer of the affordable component.

3. The Related Cos. with the affordable developer Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corp. Handel Architects designed the market rate tower with David Baker + Partners doing the affordable.

4. Grosvenor Americas with Eden Housing heading up the affordable buildings. The architect of both projects is BAR Architects.

Based on the terms of the redevelopment deal, the winning team will pay $18 million for the land (or $15 million plus upside) with payment “due when the building receives its temporary certificate of occupancy, or December 2016, whichever comes first.”
San Francisco Transbay parcel attracts four bidders [Business Times]
Transbay Blocks 6/7: Request for Proposals []

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    Hope this is for no more than ~150 parking spots. Way too much auto traffic in the area already, but ped traffic is pretty low.

  2. Posted by Modernqueen

    For 450 units I hope there is at least 300 parking spaces.

  3. Posted by anon

    Auto traffic there is generally not bad, and I drive through the area every day.
    150 additional cars going to work (or coming home) over a 3-hour period (say 7-10 am and 4-7 pm) equals *gasp* .83 cars a minute more during those periods! How will we survive?

  4. Posted by anon

    You have a strange definition of “not that bad” if you think traffic on Beale is not that bad. It’s been rated as LOS “F” for more than 20 years during commute times.

  5. Posted by Zach Maynard

    303 is the answer.
    You people should get lives. And why the hell are you driving through the city every day? You’re the cause of shitty traffic. Congratulations.

  6. Posted by Pffft

    For 450 units, I hope there is 600 parking spaces. I need two spaces. And there should be space for guest parking.

  7. Posted by anon

    ^Are you planning on buying 300 units? If you need two spaces, then buy two spaces. Not sure what that has to do with the building needing 600…

  8. Posted by kathleen

    I hope the Bridge folks get the deal. They seem to get the nicest looking affordable housing done.

  9. Posted by Pffft

    600 was just a random, facetious number to point out how annoying it is that some people don’t want to have RESIDENTIAL parking because they don’t want to have to deal with traffic in the city. If you don’t like the traffic, then take it upon yourself to use alternative modes of transportation or find a job elsewhere, but don’t impose your ideals on others. My Hummer needs two side-by-side parking spaces.

  10. Posted by anon

    ^By arguing that the city should force the developer to build more parking, how are you not forcing your ideals upon others?
    Again, you want to parking spots, nothing stopping you from two (or 12) with the current number provided. No need to force extra parking spots to be built just because you want the price to be lower. What’s next? Forcing Apple to build more iPads so that there will be a glut and the price will drop?

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