333 Oak Park Drive
Purchased for $775,000 a year ago (April 2010), the single-family Forest Knolls home at 333 Oak Park Drive has returned to the market listed for $875,000.
In the words of a couple of readers wondering about its return, “from what we can gather, there is little more than a lick of paint (internally) and an amazing collection of contemporary art which is, sadly, not included in the sale.”
333 Oak Park Drive Interior
As best we can tell, no permits for major work have been issued since its April purchase, nor have the street level third bedroom and bath which were built without permits according to its listing last year been legalized.
And while we might debate the amazing call with respect to the collection of art, unless we missed a permit, we are calling this an apple to be.
∙ Listing: 333 Oak Park Drive (3/3) – $875,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by 94114

    If this house is 1239 square feet, the number buried on the bottom of the Redfin page for this listing, that’s over 700 a square foot. It seems way out of line for this neighborhood (Forest Knolls).
    [Editor’s Note: Keep in mind the 1,239 number wouldn’t include the unpermitted third bedroom and bath as noted above.]

  2. Posted by embarcadero

    Uhmmm… does this person really think it’s okay to charge an extra $100K for the Dwell-tastic furniture used to stage the place?
    This seems very, very optimistic. There’s no reason to believe that any appreciation has occurred. In fact, there’s good reason to think that the home is worth less than before – given the downward pressure on prices that heightened requirements for financing will bring.

  3. Posted by lyqwyd

    This will definitely be an interesting one to watch. Hard to imagine how it’s worth $100K more if there hasn’t been any major work done on it…

  4. Posted by forest knolls dweller

    The listing real estate agent has a long history, in my opinion, for pricing too high – even though he’s a “specialist” in the neighborhood.

  5. Posted by *

    this place is worth closer to $675k than $875k.

  6. Posted by sfrenegade

    Is the argument that they bought the place with instant equity included? Because I don’t see how else this is worth $100K more. “Do nothing with your stainless steel kitchen + ugly bathroom = $100K appreciation” was the formula in 2006, not 2011.

  7. Posted by Shibi

    I saw this house when it was listed last year. The kitchen is something that, in my opinion, needs to be re-done entirely. Everything is covered with a mauve colored formica-esque plasticky looking surface. I do not know what the stuff is called but, it is pretty bad. Then, there is the back yard: a tightly terraced cement deck. It is t.i.n.y. I think that there may have been a 3′ drop to the next level which seemed far away and dangerous to access, but I didn’t explore to see the area. I agree, $675 sounds more realistic than $875.

  8. Posted by 94114

    This closed at 800,000.

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