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It’s Rincon Hill before the Bay Bridge, back when they still weren’t building any more land but the condos had yet to rise. The Harrison Street grade (1) was lowered 50 feet to Second Street (2) while the bluff (3), a “barrier between Rincon Hill and the industrial district to the west,” near which the 333 Harrison Street project will rise was cut 39 feet.
Another perspective of the historic Rincon Hill and said bluff in the upper right:
Rincon Hill Bluff
DO NOT READ THIS Unless You Really Need To Know Re: 333 Harrison [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    According to yelp Rincon Hill Lunch had the best meatloaf sandwich and you could easily strike up a conversation with friendly and attractive ladies. And you can’t beat those five cent glasses of Tacoma Pale.

  2. Posted by Paul Hwang

    Is that the Clocktower on 2nd street or the Ferry Building in the 2nd picture? I think Clocktower if my direction is right.

  3. Posted by MCM

    The toxins from the dynamite used to blow up the bluff poisoned the bay near the runoff and resulted in a huge fishkill.

  4. Posted by jamie whitaker

    Thanks for the links!! Interesting stuff for Rincon Hill residents like me …

  5. Posted by Rincon Hill Billy


  6. Posted by Inspector#3

    My, how we’ve evolved. Not.

  7. Posted by lol

    Yep, we’ve evolved. We used to have a comprehensive network of public streetcars that was going everywhere.

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