After an eight year battle to build a Home Depot on the former Goodman Lumber site, Lowe’s swooped in and signed a lease. And now a year and a half later, it’s just T-minus two days until the Lowe’s on San Francisco’s Bayshore Boulevard opens its doors on Friday.
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  1. Posted by Michael

    Yes! Will be there this weekend.

  2. Posted by Live Smart

    This is a win win situation for everyone and there needs to be more situations like these in SF. An highly underutilized lot vacant and vandalized gets new life with commerce and jobs. Neighboring businesses thrive to serve the new Lowes and their employees and customers.
    Hopefully the voters will vote in more pro-business, anti-big government politicians after the elections. I would like to see more businesses enter the City, not more vacant storefronts and lost jobs for the next 10 yrs.

  3. Posted by sfrenegade

    Great news! Good to have some real business in this city besides cupcake and cereal shops. Hopefully this will result in more sales tax revenue staying within the city.

  4. Posted by yeediddy

    Can’t wait to drop my tax dollars into SF rather than SSF. So glad to see developments like this in my neighborhood. Now if we could convince Target and Safeway to come this way as well…

  5. Posted by Snark17

    Yayy! Good news for Bernal. Trader Joes next, please.

  6. Posted by kaya

    Inadvertently, the NIMBYs did us a favor in putting off Home Despot in favor of Lowe’s =)

  7. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    Not a fan of big box. But I’ll check it out. SF needs a home supply store and it beats having an empty lot.

  8. Posted by John

    What’s the story here? How did Lowe’s wind up with the store instead of Home Depot.
    I remember visiting the Home Depot in Colma a few years ago (during the battle). They had an intriguing model of the special Home Depot they were going to build for SF in order to win support. Looked quite cool.
    Now, we have a Lowe’s (same difference), but it’s quite bland. Seems like we lost out on something nice.

  9. Posted by sparky-b

    Other than lower end appliances there is nothing the Lowe’s will have that wasn’t already in a 3 block radius of that site. I hope this doesn’t take too much business away from those stores.

  10. Posted by hub-da-hub

    the existing home improvement stores down there stink. bad selection, poor layout, opaque pricing at best.
    this reminds me of when Busvan’s when out of business. lots of SFers crying for them. but anyone who ever shopped Busvan’s knew Ikea kicked their ass 10 ways to sunday on inventory, price, and yes, service.
    sometimes the mom & pop shop death is darwinian and shouldn’t be fought.

  11. Posted by sparky-b

    I could not disagree more.

  12. Posted by Dan

    John: Lowe’s came in after Home Depot pulled out during the financial crisis.

  13. Posted by sfrenegade

    “Now, we have a Lowe’s (same difference), but it’s quite bland. Seems like we lost out on something nice.”
    I always found Lowe’s the better store. Lowe’s has better selection and better prices, whereas Home Depot seems more about style than function.

  14. Posted by EsEf Gerard

    This is Good news. However, many builders and DIYers, including myself, prefer Home Depot. It’s unfortunate that Home Depot did all the Leg work to get this location approved and then had to back out due to economic reasons. The City and certain members of the Board of Supvrs, appeals and planning are to blame for screwing HomeDepot. My guess is that those of you who prefer Lowes are not Builders? or Anti-big-box store people that despise HomeDepot? There is still going to be a lot of SF folks driving to and spending their $ in Colma. On the plus side, It’s a huge improvement to the old Goodmans store. Just my .02

  15. Posted by Skirunman

    I’m all for free enterprise, but I’m with sparky-b that local suppliers are needed. If you are in the industry and want service then both BLowes and Home Despot suck IMO. Nothing I can’t get better and for the same price from either local suppliers or over the Internet if I need to order something unique or special. These big box stores are really for DIY’ers.

  16. Posted by R

    “Other than lower end appliances there is nothing the Lowe’s will have that wasn’t already in a 3 block radius of that site. I hope this doesn’t take too much business away from those stores.”
    Agreed, but I’m not worried. The local places around there have much better selection, and generally much better prices. Lowe’s is great for a quick run to grab a 2×4 or some solder when you’re trying to finish a project at 6pm, but it’s not going to replace the local places for the vast majority of us who use them.

  17. Posted by anonee

    lowes and homer have excellent landscaping depts. and a one year guarantee on all plants. the service is good, delivery is available and the prices beat the sh**t out of the local competitors.
    otherwise, for other products (say, electrical or plumbing)the local competitors have no fear.

  18. Posted by sfrenegade

    “However, many builders and DIYers, including myself, prefer Home Depot.”
    It would be strange for a builder to prefer Home Depot to other suppliers, as Skirunman and R said. Builders don’t necessarily need/want their stuff all in one place. Even a lot of serious DIYers will go to local places instead of big box.

  19. Posted by Dan

    What are folks’ favorite local stores in the area?

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