10 Miller Place #901: Living
Listed for $899,000 two years ago, 10 Miller Place #901 closed escrow two weeks later with a reported contract price of $975,000. Today, the two-bedroom condo with big cityscape views is back on the market and asking $899,000 once again.
∙ Listing: 10 Miller Place #901 (2/2) – $899,000 [MLS]
Forget One Night Of Fireworks, We Like Twinkling Lights Year Round [SocketSite]

20 thoughts on “We’ve Seen This Movie Before, But Will It Have A Different Ending?”
  1. the listed price of condos should read $899,000 + $913.00 mo. HOA.
    Then again, it’s nice to know that when you wake up every morning and put your feet on the floor, 30 bucks goes to the HOA.

  2. The frigging building is in Chinatown, not Nob Hill. 6K+/month to live in a 1960s concrete box in sub-par neighborhood? Suckers welcome.
    Rent it for less than 1/2 of that if you like wasting precious money.

  3. Perhaps they should list the building in what I used to call Chinatown when I once lived there. When asked where I lived, I replied, “Mandarin Heights.” Sometimes I used “Canton Hollow.” But that didn’t have the ring of the first.

  4. This building is not in Chinatown. Miller Place is an alley just off Sacramento right before you cross Powell as you’re heading out of the downtown area. Hardly a sub-par neighborhood.
    I’ve been in many units in this building and the one next door, 30 Miller Place. Granted the architecture in the 1960s can leave much to be desired but certainly these units are not for suckers.
    And no, I’m not the seller nor a realtor.

  5. Not Chinatown? I live a few blocks away, thank you. Well, if you are a seller I would understand why you wouldn’t call it CT. There is probably not much Chinatown by the most strict definitions but the neighborhood is what it is. I guess the distinction depends on whether you are selling it or actually living it in!

  6. Mochanut can you save your flamboyant racism for comments on the Fox News site? Maybe I’m naive to be shocked that people are actually bragging about their ignorant, backward prejudices in SF in 2010. This attitude is all the more shameful considering that the people you are demeaning with your offensive stereotypes were actually your neighbors.

  7. “flamboyant racism”? what the heck does that mean? I guess if you go looking for racism everywhere you’ll find it but I can find nothing racist in mochanut’s post. wanda needs to calm down – or move to berkeley (am I being citist?)

  8. Lori, I know this map. Anyone who lives in the area knows Chinatown extends beyond Stockton. In theory this map is accurate per 40 years ago, but in practice Chinatown today extends further into “Nob Hill” as well as “North Beach”.

  9. Chinatown may have spilled over into North Beach and on to Powell at Washington (and perhaps slightly at Clay), but Powell is descending from Sacramento northward. The cut-off is pretty dramatic at Stockton on Sacramento, perhaps due to the relative steepness of the street. The elevation makes it physically Nob Hill just as the proximity to the Fairmont makes it spiritually Nob Hill.

  10. I’m not sure why everyone is so defensive about neighborhoods. I lived at 10 Miller for 5 years (actually to the day-from March 2001 through March 2006). One of the greatest experiences of my life, amazing views that everyone loved, and a super building with really nice folks. As for the neighborhood, it’s sort of a tweener but I would definitely say it was more Chinatown than Nob Hill. Even though I was on the 14th floor I would always get woken up by the noises in Chinatown and the kids playing at the school next door. Whenever I was in a hurry, I would get stuck in horrendous Chinatown traffic because you are forced to drive up the ally behind (Joice Ally) the building to access the parking garage and what was about 50 ft of driving could take 5 minutes. But even though it is Chinatown, the views and spirit of the building are more Nob Hill, i.e. doorman, highrise, amazing views. Anyway, just my thoughts……

  11. oh, and to the person that said the view of the buildings is depressing, you are way crazy. Having lived there for 5 years (as a renter) I can tell you that the views were some of the most enchanting the city has to offer and that EVERY single person that ever stepped foot in my unit was astounded- even on a foggy day and especially at night.

  12. @wanda You need to chill, girl. I am Chinese and I lived happily for 12 years on the corner of Stockton and Pacific in the Ping Yuen apartments otherwise lovingly referred to as the PY.
    Sheesh. Sensitive uppity liberal looking for racism where there isn’t any much?

  13. Regarding the view, I would prefer to see the Bay. Call me way crazy, but I would find it depressing to see a bunch of ugly buildings blocking my view of the Bay every time I looked out the window.

  14. Having lived on the north side of Broadway in PH, I can attest there is no more boring view than the bay at night- when those poor suckers of us who actually have to work for a living are home – give me an urban view any day.

  15. “there is no more boring view than the bay at night”
    Really? I lived on Green street for many years and had a view of the entire bay and NEVER tired of the sunsets and evening ship traffic. The cruise ships were especially beautiful at night on the water. I loved the reflection of the GG Bridge guidance lights on the bay as well as the light beam from the Alcatraz lighthouse that was about the height of my living room windows and would actually illuminate the room every time the beam passed by when the interior lights were turned off.

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