1617 Lyon
An 1891 Queen Anne Victorian that’s been remodeled but at least maintains a bit of its original flair on the main floor, the legal square feet at 1617 Lyon has also been expanded to include a one-bedroom apartment on the ground floor (which is vacant).
1617 Lyon Media Room
And what better way to, eh, honor the DVD release of Avatar just yesterday than with a wall o’ virtual virtual Navi in the second floor media room.
∙ Listing: 1617 Lyon (4/3.5) – $2,495,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Chris

    The TV looks completely fake. The angle at the top is off.

  2. Posted by gmlight

    Well, it’s a big day for Avatar in SF real estate listings. 2231 Franklin ( appears to be showing the movie as well:

  3. Posted by Evan

    While I love the house, hasn’t experience told us that >2mm doesn’t fly south of california st in this post-recession world?

  4. Posted by GIMME A BREAK

    right in the middle of Western Addition- No thanks

  5. Posted by sleepiguy

    This Lyon-Geary-Divis-California square would be a fantastic neighborhood if it weren’t for the projects located in the exact center. That said, I wouldn’t call this “middle of the WA,” the center of which I would place at say, Webster and Golden Gate. I think there was a discussion about the fate of these projects in one of the other section 8 development threads. If anyone has any updates, this thread would be a good place to refresh our (meaning my) memory.

  6. Posted by Rillion

    As someone that lives in the middle of the western addition, this place is not right in the middle of the western addition.

  7. Posted by sfrenegade

    Although I have a friend who lives in the “square” that sleepiguy identified who calls it Western Addition, usually people think of the box where Amici’s doesn’t deliver as “Western Addition”:
    There is a big project between Broderick and Baker, and Post and Sutter, but IMO it never feels as bad in this area as it does near the one on Potrero Hill.

  8. Posted by anonn

    Westside Courts are much more integrated into neighborhood commerce. When you’re right up in the Potrero projects, (and what are you doing there?) they feel pretty desolate ’cause there’s no reason to even be there.

  9. Posted by sfrenegade

    Well, I’m talking about the blocks that are near the Potrero project. If I’m doing anything, I’m driving through and trying to get the f**k out of there. It helps that the riff-raff are somewhat reluctant to climb the hill, but if they had a little more ambition maybe they wouldn’t be living there.
    There are definitely a few shady looking characters near Westside Courts on occasion. There’s one guy who seems to live in his Hummer, or at least spends a lot of time in it doing who knows what. But they don’t usually mess with people like near Potrero, even if you see some broken car windows, or evidence thereof, nearby on occasion as you do in many places in SF.
    You’re right that the main reason to be near Potrero projects is if you live nearby, whereas you might be near Westside Courts for commerce or the doctor.

  10. Posted by SFRE

    @sfrenegade: That link to amici’s was the funniest thing I have seen all day. At least they deliver during to the Tenderloin during the day. Amici’s won’t even drive to the Western Addition when the sun is out!! That is too funny.
    Oh but wait, we need to be sympathetic, because the majority of the folks in the WA are good folks, just down on their luck…. Yeah right! [Rillion excluded].

  11. Posted by sfrenegade

    As you can see, they also cut out anywhere near the Potrero projects as well as near the Mission projects on 26th.
    And they won’t deliver to the Brisket(the area on 6th St. that has replaced 3rd St. as Skid Row) after dark either. Yeah, I just made that name up right now.
    I honestly don’t blame them. Everyone knows delivery guys are carrying around cash.

  12. Posted by sfrenegade

    To redirect back to the house… Didn’t a house nearby sell for almost $3M? What do people think are the chances this goes for $2.5? The facade is a little busy, but I guess it works. I don’t like everything they did with that kitchen, but at least the island has a sink instead of the range. And I definitely would prefer a more permeable backyard. I’ll have to check out how low those ceilings up top actually are.
    They really should have removed that green carpet. My parents always had strange colored carpet at a prior residence that they liked too, but at least they had the sense to rip it out before selling the place.

  13. Posted by anonee

    certainly not the middle of western addition, but still stuck between pine and bush freeways. two blocks north and this place would be asking $3m.

  14. Posted by tipster

    Ceilings don’t look low to me. Look at the distance between the top of the door frame and the ceiling on the right side of the second photo. Looks significantly greater than the minimum.

  15. Posted by cabanabroker 1

    A beautiful victorian where the sellers have done everything possibly to enhance the marketability. Would you want to have your kids play in front of this house? Clearly a big family house in a neighborhood you may choose to pass on. Needs to be priced under 2 million.

  16. Posted by Smiling Millionaire

    Great house, great exterior. We drove past it though, and the neighborhood is no good and between two very busy streets. Definitely agree with Cabanabroker, definitely needs to be priced under 2mm.

  17. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 1617 Lyon closed escrow yesterday with a reported contract price of $2,370,000, 5% under asking and $624 per square foot.

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