A plugged-in reader notes that yesterday’s featured home at 1322 Masonic is but a few blocks from the Mayor’s. And while that’s a fact, there’s also an opinion that’s offered:

[H]ave you all noticed how much less ‘sketchy’ the Haight is since they moved in? (And the accompanying spike in homeless over the hill in the [Castro.])

We haven’t noticed the spike (readers?), but of course we couldn’t have missed the proposed legislation. Is it a new NIMBY (Not In the Mayor’s Back Yard) effect in action?
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4 thoughts on “A New NIMBY (Not In The Mayor’s Back Yard) Effect?”
  1. I say the mayor should move to mid-market in that case… one step at a time to get growth going. He could then also walk to work.. . .

  2. Well the mayor didn’t initiate this, but he backs it. The citizens of the Haight, represented by the Haight Ashbury Improvement association, and the police have been pushing for this. It’s not anti homeless but is meant to discourage the roving gangs of punks with pit bulls from claiming the streets as their own. The proposed law will give the police teeth to move these folks along. In the long run the idea is to discourage folks from thinking thy can just come to the haight to hang out,and buy and sell drugs, harass business owners, shoplift,break in to cars, urinate in doorways, and let mangy dogs defecate on sidewalks. In theo lng run this is a good law that will let potential transients with romantic notions of roughing it out on the streets know that their behavior isn’t civil and won’t be tolerated anymore in this city.

  3. I live 1 block from Chez Newsom, and while I don’t frequent the Haight as much, the Buena Vista/Ashbury heights neighborhoods seem the same. There was some park cleanup at Buena Vista park, however it’s still unpleasant.
    Is this area really considered “the Haight”?

  4. newsom just earned my vote again. took him long enough… but growing a spine takes time i guess.
    i don’t see why the quality of life for 99% of the city’s citizens should suffer because we’re too afraid to ask the other 1% to behave with common courtesy.

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