555 Bartlett: 2/9/10 (
From your first peek two months ago to fully (for the most part and excluding the mural) painted today for 555 Bartlett. No word on why some people seemed to be working themselves up into a tizzy over the primer (which has since been painted over).
Once again, fifty-eight (58) condos over 67 residential parking spaces, 25 commercial parking spaces, and a Walgreens with prices starting in the $400,000s for one-bedrooms, $500,000’s for two-bedrooms, and a few three-bedrooms from the $600,000’s.
And yes, the sky above is real.
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  1. Posted by Jeff

    I miss the primer already.

  2. Posted by stucco-sux

    The bad news: yeah, its not exactly an homage Stanley Saitowitz. The good news: its market rate so the people who live there will not be an homage to John Berkowitz.

  3. Posted by Snark17

    The building is a great addition to the neighborhood, but:
    Why does everything built in the Mission need to be in garish colors? Is this Cabo?
    The super cheap metal balcony screens look like they would blow offf in the wind.
    There are no spaces for trees on the Mission Street side of the building, in contrast to the design.

  4. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Just what this town needs, another Walgreens!
    And while it might be garish I think this is better than a Saitowitz; his stuff is beyond ugly and boring.

  5. Posted by Snark17

    IMO the Wallgreens is very welcome because the others in the Mission are in super sketchy locations, e.g., Papa Potrero murder central.

  6. Posted by d.o.

    There are more Walgreen’s within 1/2 mile to this location than there are MUNI stops (there are 3 Walgreen’s all within walking distance: 1 is 1 block away at Valencia and Cesar Chavez, 1 is 3 blocks away at 23rd and Mission, and 1 is 5- 6 blocks away at Mission and 30th. This will be the 4th Walgreen’s in the area. The aforementioned Potrero Walgreen’s is a whopping 9 blocks away, looks like there’s room for about 3 more Walgreen’s in between here and there).

  7. Posted by 45yo hipster

    No Walgreens at Val/CC. The others are correct though. And IMO, the more the merrier.

  8. Posted by lark

    Papa Potrero murder central is right!
    I have seen the sketchiest junkies there. I think it’s the first panhandling spot after they are discharged from E.R.

  9. Posted by Pedestrianist

    1.16:1 parking ratio on the most heavily traveled Muni corridor in the city.
    Good thing there’s so much room on the surrounding streets for all those cars :-/

  10. Posted by Dan

    The nearby Walgreens mentioned is just south of Cesar Chavez on Valencia, inside the medical office building at St. Luke’s.

  11. Posted by joh

    Anybody have the scoop on current pricing?

  12. Posted by sord

    Yeah, some greenery, even just a few well-placed trees, would be a really, really welcome addition to this part of the neighborhood. Sigh.

  13. Posted by Dan

    There will be greenery– trees and shrubs– going in on the median as part of the Cesar Chavez greening project. I too remember plans for sidewalk greenery– does anyone know if that is happening?

  14. Posted by Insidesfre

    Based on the number of people who have contacted me via my blog post on Bartlett, I’d say the building is very popular. I’ve had multiple showings there and the property is coming along well. There’s a big difference between what you can get for your money here vs elsewhere in the city. 2BRs in the $500,000s? Previously unheard of in SF, exterior colors aside.

  15. Posted by abc

    I think this building turned out pretty nicely. The colors are sort of awful, and I wonder who is going to sit on their balcony over Cesar Chavez st, but that aside I think it’s a nice addition to the neighborhood. They are going to green the area – the project hasn’t started yet. They’re also going to redo St Luke’s, so over the next few years the area should improve even more.
    Re the parking, a lot of people who live in the area commute so it makes a lot of sense. You can’t take muni and bart everywhere in the Bay Area…

  16. Posted by Schlub

    Yippee! This building is so very much better than the abandoned lot full of day workers that it’s been for as long as I can remember. These colors aren’t so garish; they sort of break up the hugeness of the structure IMO.
    Dan – the greening of CC is scheduled to begin this year, a two year process. There’s a post here on Socketsite just a few pages back, and also you can check out
    Thanks Socketsite for posting more on the Mission lately.
    [Editor’s Note: Cesar Chavez Reconfiguration Update (And Some Objections).]

  17. Posted by rubber_chicken

    The green median they are building in the middle of CesarC was a deal made by the developer & Planning Dept: The cost for this improvement on/near the site is in lieu of paying the silly impact fees that Planning (unjustifiably) levied on the project.
    There should be more of this – especially in the Market/Octavia area which now has $10/sf impact fees. Owners should be allowed to improve the streescape in lieu of paying the fees. At least they will get immediate value for their $ instead of it going into the black hole of City coffers.

  18. Posted by Dan

    I know the green median is going in as part of the Cesar Chavez reconfiguration, as per the Socketsite post– but I recall that there was also a plan for sidewalk trees on this intersection, paid for by the developer. Will sidewalk trees be going in too, or just trees in the median?

  19. Posted by Snark17

    Dan shows what I was talking about– the plans show palm trees on Mission street but there are no cut outs in the new sidewalks for them. Can the developer back out on planting trees??
    There are cut outs on the CC side where presumably there will be trees.

  20. Posted by two beers

    More architectural malpractice. There oughta be a law. Or maybe the fiends should just be forced to live in the crappy buildings they design.

  21. Posted by Dan

    I like the architecture of this building a lot more than the nearby Bernal Gateway, or 700 Valencia. OK, maybe 700 Valencia is a low bar.
    Hate the colors, though. Wish they just had left the gray primer.

  22. Posted by 45yo hipster

    Often the tree cut outs are done later, as they often require a separate dpw permit (so they can keep track of tree planting.) I’m almost certain there will be sidewalk trees there.

  23. Posted by NC

    The sidewalk space there is a joke. It is a huge intersection, pedestrian unfriendly and once there are more pedestrians it will be a very crowded street.

  24. Posted by to NC

    Agreed! Forget the sidewalk trees.
    How about some plain old sidewalk???
    Sheesh, that building is right up to the street.
    Sidewalks could make this neighborhood so much more livable and alive. Tons of pedestrians with sidewalk cafes and eating and mingling.

  25. Posted by Dan

    Sidewalks will be widened, plus bulb-outs, a median, and only 2 lanes of car traffic in each direction.
    I don’t expect a lot of pedestrians and sidewalk cafes, though, as the street is mostly residential.

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