Purchased for $905,000 in July 2005 (once again, with 10 percent down), it’s a plugged-in tipster that notes the soon to be Noe sale of 55 Clipper won’t be apples to apples:

From the permit records, it looks like a neighbor complained about work on the cottage out back in 2007, and then the owner brought it up to code to make it a legal addition.

And while the current MLS listing for the property notes a “short sale” at $899,000 (think improvements), our tipster also notes a trustee sale that’s scheduled for tomorrow (1/12) on the San Francisco courthouse steps.
∙ Listing: 55 Clipper (2/1 + 1/1) – $899,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by EH

    I love these little houses on full lots and they are disappearing as owners start greeding up on their RH-2’s. I’d love to snatch this place and demolish the cottage or use it as an office.

  2. Posted by FixThis

    As there often is, there is more to the story in that the owner was a wonderful SF agent who sadly lost her long battle with cancer in December. She will be missed.

  3. Posted by ex SF-er

    actually, it’s a very cute quint cottage. Light and airy.
    I’d have to see it in person to see if the flow would work out right (example: is there enough room to cook effectively in that kitchen), but overall it’s cute. (ignoring price).
    and many many people love that location (just 3 blocks slightly down hill from 24th/church)although I’m sure that somebody will comment about the negatives of that particular micro-location.

  4. Posted by sparky-b

    The name of the street says enough about this particular micro-location.

  5. Posted by zig

    [Leased] parking it looks like

  6. Posted by j.p.

    This is not a property to make comparisons from. The owner passed away with a mortgage on the property. Kind of tacky really to post this.

  7. Posted by anonn

    Also, a 6K difference is paltry given the cirucumstances.

  8. Posted by Tweety

    $90K is a lot of money IMHO. Some of us in SF don’t have trust funds.

  9. Posted by wanda

    If it were less, I’d put a bid in on it myself… exactly what I’m looking for but cannot find for 100k less.

  10. Posted by chuckie

    wanda, put in a bid for what you will pay for this. You never know!

  11. Posted by sanfrantim

    So, is the sale due to a “foreclosure” as the lead post implies or due to the owner’s death? If the latter, I agree with j.p. that this is bad form if not misleading.

  12. Posted by EH

    What’s tacky about this? Nothing that has to do with the owner. Mind you, I’m not going to ask the question about your pushback that’s really on my mind.

  13. Posted by diemos

    “This is not a property to make comparisons from.”
    Every property comes onto the market for a reason. Death, job loss, upsize, downsizing, relocation. The reason doesn’t matter to the fact that this is one more unit of supply in the market. Given human lifespans one should expect about 2% turnover of properties every year due to owner mortality.
    “So, is the sale due to a “foreclosure” as the lead post implies or due to the owner’s death?”
    The mortgage is not being paid, therefore, the property is being foreclosed.
    That you or I might reasonably conclude that “being dead” constitutes an unimpeachable excuse for not paying the mortgage doesn’t change that. The original French root of mortgage translates as “death promise”.
    The mortgage is not being paid, therefore, the property is being foreclosed in order to fulfil the promise that the previous owner made.

  14. Posted by loftlover

    as this is site about SF Real Estate and the owner was an SF agent that passed about a month ago, one would expect that some people might be a little sensitive about some of these postings.
    You might see as a foreclosed property. I see a living room where a sat with my friend during her last days.

  15. Posted by Fishchum

    loftlover – you could apply the same situation to ANY property in SF. It would be rare to find a house or a flat where someone doesn’t have a strong emotional connection to it.
    Sorry if it sounds harsh, but the world doesn’t stop spinning because of you. Your insistence on “sensitivity” reeks of a self-centered attitude.

  16. Posted by leedless

    The lisiting implies that there is an additional cottage included? That makes it seem a pretty good deal

  17. Posted by Jimmy C

    Tweety: since when is having $90k saved up mean you have a trust fund? Many people work hard and don’t spend everything they earn.
    Seriously, if $90k is a lot of money than you need to move back to Ohio or rent a room from Chris Daly.

  18. Posted by fishscumbag

    Your insistence on “sensitivity” reeks of a self-centered attitude.
    Pot calling the kettle black fishscum.

  19. Posted by Paragon Agent

    It’s possible that the tipsters were not aware that the owner passed away which is the reason for the sale, or the fact that she had been suffering from pancreatic cancer for more than a year and was unable to continue working as a Realtor to support herself and that this house would not be on the market had it not been for these unfortunate circumstances. But now you know. So have some respect. The house is beautiful and the next owner is getting a great deal, enough said. Hopefully they will care for it as much as the real estate community cared for Kari.

  20. Posted by Po Hill Jeff

    I, too, think the circumstances of the sale (death of the owner) don’t exempt it from analysis on this site. Condolences to FixThis and j.p., of course.
    I hope someone will post an update after the sale today.

  21. Posted by Average Joe

    It may be absolutely true — as several have stated — that the house has come onto the market due to highly unfortunate circumstances; HOWEVER, if it is also true that the (now-deceased) owner was performing unpermitted work and only went legit after complaints to DBI… well, that doesn’t speak very highly to the previous owner’s integrity now does it? I’m sorry that she died, but don’t go crying me a river.

  22. Posted by SJM

    I guess Average Joe is an Average Jerk. Don’t cry us a river now Joe over this name calling because your lack of class in calling out a person’s integrity after they are dead tells everything one needs to know about who you are. This city and all the nosy screw balls in it are always busy body power trippers trying to make/influence the decision on what people should and shouldn’t be able to do with property that they spent a fortune on. Socketsite, I think you erred in posting on this one. Just let it be.

  23. Posted by movingback

    Honest to God, it really annoys me that so many people have forgotten how to be human to each other and show some compassion. After reading this post and many of the comments, I still continue to question what has caused so many people to become this way.
    I agree with SJM – perhaps and error in posting this one for the hungry trolls to feed on. Just let it be.

  24. Posted by diemos

    Honest to God.
    What could be more appropriate for SS than to have a post about a property for sale in SF?

  25. Posted by hangemhi

    no error in posting it…. but it’s just amazing that the response to requests to keep the comments respectful was exactly the opposite – off topic insults. classy, really classy.

  26. Posted by sfrenegade

    Agree with diemos and hangemhi — absolutely no error in posting this property. It’s the commentary that’s a bit off. My condolences to the folks who knew the owner.

  27. Posted by EBGuy

    This house is interesting for discussion on a wide variety of topics. One that hasn’t been explored is the fact that its in a revocable trust. If this had to go the probate route (will or intestate succession), I’m pretty sure the the bank could not foreclose at this point. Does anyone know the total amount of loans on this place? I can surmise from the loan date on PS that the original first from WaMu is being foreclosed ($678k variable). There was also a variable second for $135,750 (WaMua, again). It appears that Wells became involved (2006 & 2007) with the remodel (home ATM or refi of the second). At any rate, the heirs are in the unenviable position of dealing with their grief and figuring out (or not, I suspect the ‘business case’ may be clear) if they want to get current on the loans.

  28. Posted by formerly%whatever

    According to MLS, 10 offers received on 1/10. Trustee sale postponed.

  29. Posted by anonn

    It sold for 1.075M.

  30. Posted by steve

    thanks for the update, anonn.

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