12 Rico Way
According to a plugged-in tipster, the sale price for 12 Rico Way wasn’t actually confidential but rather indeed at asking ($2,495,000) but with the majority of its furnishings – not including any fine art nor the crib – included in the sale.
12 Rico Way: Kitchen After
No apple, but not a bad comp for completely remodeled and modern homes in the hood.
A Bit Of Before And After And Plugged-In Perspective For 12 Rico Way [SocketSite]
Deconstructed And Reconstructed At 12 Rico Way [SocketSite]

4 thoughts on “The Rico Suave Sale Price (Including Furnishings) For 12 Rico Way”
  1. It was a nice house, and I think worth the $2.5 million sale price. Nice remodeling and some expansion.
    The good thing about this market is the decrease in buyers stress, given less competition, and that’s a good thing!
    May be good to look at properties BEFORE bonuses are paid this year next Jan-March.

  2. This place is very confusing — the outside doesn’t match the inside at all. Don’t dig the all white kitchen though, though I know the people around here who like modern stuff think it’s cool.

  3. Green Couch rocks.
    Green Couch needs to take some of their tax free winnings (congrats, BTW) and sue the pants off an agent who uses a virtual stager that grossly misrepresents proportions in their advertising. I’m not saying all virtual stagers do this, but its clear that some are a hack job. Police your own or be put out of business.

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