1417 15th Street: Kitchen in 2007
Asking $3,750,000 for the one bedroom but 8,200 square foot BIG HOUSE studio in early 2007, but then subsequently reduced to $3,250,000, an off-the-MLS sale of 1417 15th Street was recorded in the amount of $3,065,000 to “Diabase LLC” at the end of that year.
Re-listed in November for $3,295,000 (“Buy, Sell, Repeat, Retire”), but it failed to sell. Back on the market in the Mission today and asking $2,750,000.
And perhaps it’s purely coincidence, but as a plugged-in reader notes, a “Diabase LLC” purchased 1756 North Point down in the Marina for $1,920,000 in April of 2007. It sold again for $1,575,000 in May of 2009.
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