586 Lisbon
From the listing and statement for 586 Lisbon in Excelsior:

Great opportunity to build a spectacular contemporary 3,200 square foot San Francisco and Downtown City view home. Approved architectural plans available. Estimate from contractor available to build a new home for $238,750. Three decks, 4-car parking plus additional parking on the driveway. Foundation already poured, extensive steel beam work completed.

Now who’s got the plans (or scoop)?
∙ Listing: 586 Lisbon Street (lot) – $488,000 [McGuire] [Statement]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by whatever

    3,200 sq ft for $238,750? That’s $75/sq ft. Can you even buy the materials for that?

  2. Posted by Jeffrey W. Baker

    Tee hee, downtown views! This property is more than FIVE MILES from downtown SF. It’s like saying Pt. Richmond has a nice view of Alcatraz. Technically correct, but irrelevant to your decision to move to Richmond.

  3. Posted by waiting for the bottom

    I looked at the house next door a little more than a year ago, and the realtor told me there had been 2 fires on this property and it was suspected the owner set the fires. The first fire took down the house that used to be there, not sure about the second. I guess the kind of guy that would burn down his house is the same kind of guy that would say you can build a 3200 sq. ft. house in SF for $238,750. The house next door was beautiful btw and i think it sold for around 689,000. The views were amazing.

  4. Posted by noearch

    not a chance in hell you can build 3200 sf for that budget..
    try more like $300-350/sf and you’ll be on the mark.

  5. Posted by resp

    1) am i reading the bldg permit correctly that this demo/construction has been going on for ~7 years?
    2) why does Barbara Callan have her name on this POS?
    3) why doesn’t RBR Development buy this if it’s such a great deal (Callan’s daughter of the Pac Heights boarding house fame)?
    let’s keep an eye on who buys this and how much they pay.

  6. Posted by grass is greener

    Callan: WTF. IS there not enough realtors to cover every property in SF.
    Is Barbara JR going to be ther for the Open Beam, i mean Open House? Is there a plumpjack nearby?

  7. Posted by "Dave"

    I got a $200k quote to build a 100 sqft addition with a new kitchen… Clearly I need to get in touch with THIS contractor!

  8. Posted by Outsider

    He and his crew currently reside somewhere south of the border and will bring his team to San Francisco after you wired him $238,750.

  9. Posted by BobN

    Estimate from contractor available to build a new home for $238,750.
    Maybe he’ll build it in Mesa, AZ, and then all you have to do is move it.

  10. Posted by resp

    no no you guys have it all wrong. the estimate to build the home is available to you for $238K

  11. Posted by Brian

    Hah – so THAT is who the appraiser that recently looked at my place got his replacement value from!

  12. Posted by robert

    First I must solicit your confidence in this transaction.This is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret. I got to know of you in my search for a reputable person/Company to assist in an urgent business deal requiring utmost trust and confidentiality. I am BARBARA CALLAN, a real estate broker and close confidant of a wealthy SAN FRANCISCO PROPERTY OWNER.
    The owner, has as a result of the trust and confidence placed in me mandated that I search for a reliable and trustworthy person, who will develop a prime SAN FRANCISCO DOWNTOWN city property. The city property has values worth many MILLIONS of dollars, but due to my position as REAL ESTATE BROKER, I cannot acquire this money in my name.
    I have therefore, been delegated as a matter of trust by my client of the panel to look for an Overseas partner that can acquire the property and develop it for 238,750 (Two hundred-thirty eight Thousands seven hundred and Fifty United States Dollars). These amounts have been verified by the most trusted quotes as originating from the SAN FRANCISO PROPERTY developer in whose name I am authorized to communicate with you.
    Upon receipt of payment, the most trusted advisor and developer will proceed construction of extensive garages, swimming pools, decks, and additional driveways will begin. Already the foundation and many steel constructions are in place of the property, only needing a small contribution from the Overseas partner.
    Please note that this transaction is 100% safe and we hope a Quick Payment shall allow completion of the TWO MILLION United States Dollar property, the proceeds of which shall belong entirely under the control of the payer, with only a small transaction fee for myself and purchase fee for the developer as disclosed previously in this letter.
    Please acknowledge receipt of this letter. I will bring you into the complete picture of this pending project when I have heard from you.

  13. Posted by jon

    Greaaaat comment. You certainly have a way with words.

  14. Posted by gumby

    HA! Nice one, robert. Someone doesn’t get the joke…

  15. Posted by nnona

    Hilarious, Robert.

  16. Posted by SurveyKid

    A fine portrait of the credit crisis with the half completed concrete pour, and the single steel girder pointing the way to an open distance.
    It’s really a kind of mini, credit-crunch and collapse museum.

  17. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for the lot at 586 Lisbon has been reduced $89,000 to $399,000.

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