2-4 Beaver Street
It’s a pair of TIC flats on Beaver that have been “remodeled from top to bottom in 2008 by renowned architect Craig Steely of Steely architecture” (think 306 Mullen). And if we’re not mistaken, they’re next door to the architect’s own domicile (to the left above).
The two-bedroom upper unit (4 Beaver) has been listed on the MLS asking $998,000, while the three-bedroom lower units is currently not (but asking $1,198,000).
2 Beaver: Master Bed
The self conscious need not inquire with respect to the lower unit.
2 Beaver: Master Bath
Exhibitionists on the other hand, don’t forget those invitations to the housewarming.
∙ Listing: 2-4 Beaver Street (3/2 and 2/1) – $1,198,000 and $998,000 [Zephyr]
∙ Listing: 4 Beaver (2/1) – $998,000 [MLS]
Modern Architecture Hits The Market Up On Mullen (306 Mullen) [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by mortgage analyst

    Gorgeous, gorgeous and smart. Well done!

  2. Posted by DanRH

    slightly off topic, but i’m very curious as to folks’ thoughts (even better, experience) on these under the counter refrig / freezer drawers, esp as compared to a normal (albeit bulky!) refrig/freezer.

  3. Posted by lolcat_94123

    Inside looks great. The outside looks like a ’74 el camino covered in primer.

  4. Posted by [BondoCondo]

    ’74 el camino covered in primer
    Hmm, a bondo condo . . .
    I might walk over and have a look. I’m curious about the fridge/freezer. I’ll keep an open mind, but I can’t imagine it would be anything but a horrific pain (I cook a lot, and fridge access and organization is critical).

  5. Posted by D

    I hope for the developers’ sake that there are a lot of exhibitionists on the market for that lower unit.

  6. Posted by scurvy

    2 unit TICs are automatically granted a condo conversion if you go through the process, or is that no longer the case?
    Otherwise, I think this would demand a TIC discount.

  7. Posted by justin

    Why do I feel that this whole “look” or dare I say STYLE (architects hate that word)seems already dated to me. I think this is a rather nice job, though I cannot stand the cheap air vent registers, but I feel that this home is so similar to hundreds of other projects of the last five years that I find it rather common and unimaginative. A friend of mine calls this type of look “Bubble Interior Design” because she thinks it calls back to the GO GO days of 2005 when everyone thought they were the next real estate mogul and knew how to be an architect and/or contractor.
    Recently I was looking again at some Bay Area architects who are trying a more subtle approach. One example is the firm of Turnbull Griffin, who are part of a group of designers I like to call “Bay Area Regionalists” because they are creating a more timeless contemporary achitecture without the latest “look”, and with materials and ideas that fit within the Northern California context and landscape.
    Would anyone not think this will seem very dated wtihin 10 years?

  8. Posted by tipster

    Cheap, dated feel throughout (sliding mirror closet doors? From the 80s?), with some nice cabinets and furniture. I thought multiple cans were done? This is from an architect?
    Bathtub in the bedroom, for that nice steamy sheet feel. And you’ll have to heat up the whole bedroom to feel decently warm in the tub.
    No fridge because the kitchen is tiny and there was no room to put a real fridge, and what little storage is eaten up by inefficient, hard to see fridge drawers that will cost an arm and a leg to cool.
    The heat registers are all UP high, so you’ll pay to heat the ceilings.
    This whole place is simply ridiculous. I know he’s famous and all, and I’m a nobody, but it looks like it was designed by a first year architecture student.
    And nice trick by the realtor to keep half the two listings off the MLS to cut the apparent inventory.

  9. Posted by Trip

    Lots of action on Beaver — I see 6 places listed on a pretty tiny street.
    (btw, redfin shows 149 new listings in the last 24 hours in SF. Anyone know if that is a record?)

  10. Posted by shibi

    I like the hot tub but wow, I would not enjoy taking a hot steamy bath (or even shower) in my bedroom. I prefer separation of space in my living space.

  11. Posted by scurvy

    Seriously, where’s the fridge? Can I sue the developer after I need back surgery to repair all the damage from bending over just to reach the fridge?
    While it looks “cool” in a 1970s woodish way, this is a great example of something unlivable. Unless you were an exhibitionist dwarf.

  12. Posted by astonished

    “(btw, redfin shows 149 new listings in the last 24 hours in SF. Anyone know if that is a record?)”
    You are right Trip! Can one of the “professionals” explain this?

  13. Posted by ww

    As someone who just went through a remodel to a minimalist look, I don’t consider this cheap. The materials aren’t necessarily expensive, but doing away with casings, thresholds and frames at every edge or material transition is very labor-consuming. A lot of things have to be more precisely measured, cut and installed. Don’t recall that in most 70’s or 80’s construction, but if it was, maybe labor was cheap then compared to materials. It definitely costs a lot now.
    Cheap to me is slapping a piece of painted moulding or trim over each gap, or to hide that surfaces are not actually plumb or square.

  14. Posted by ex SF-er

    this is one of the worst places I’ve seen in a while.
    The floors are beautiful. unfortunately they clash horribly with the kitchen cabinets. these places would have looked good with the cabinets OR the floors.
    The kitchen is tiny and has no workable fridge. yes, yes I know, in SF people go to the local market every day. I’ll pass. Hard to cook great meals that way.
    I dislike the bath and shower in the bedroom. FWIW: I have that situation (bathroom is separated only by a half wall from master bath) and I hate it, but don’t want to pay the expense to wall it in, so we use the second bathroom.
    I’m not sure what type of flooring that is. Is it indoor/outdoor carpet? or some sort of poured floor. Regardless it’s hein.
    square white rooms with white walls and no trim. no architectural interest anywhere, unless you count mirrored closets. It takes a world class architect to do that?
    you should come to the midwest and stay in college-level housing built in the 1970s. evidently it was all designed by world class architects, if this house is an example of world class architecture.
    I like the bathrooms. not stunning but very nice. and at least one of the units (not both) has a dedicated area for a dining table. the other unit is typical of bad “modern” design, where they just put a dining room table somewhere near the couch.
    did someone think these units through?
    overall, it’s cute in a starter sort of way. it’s a nice blank canvas and you could go in and individualize pretty easily to bring in some life.

  15. Posted by EBGuy

    Some great comments on the refrigerator drawers (I am waiting for ex-SFers work triangle comments). I was under the impression that they might be cheaper to cool as less air escapes when a single compartment opens. Did a quick comparison between a Subzero model (~5cu.ft.) and my LG fridge/freezer (~15cu.ft./~7cu.ft.). The Subzero uses 337kWh/year compared to 465kWh for my entire refrigerator with bottom freezer. Yikes! I actually like the aesthetics of the fridgeless kitchen, but agree with those who criticize it as functionally challenged.

  16. Posted by anon

    That looks like gravel in the bedroom/bathroom area. Is that small pebbles on the floor?

  17. Posted by Stu

    Give my 15 month old a half hour in this place and you’ll need a gallon of Windex to undo the visit.

  18. Posted by nope

    Funny comment Trip, I wouldn’t buy these for 1/4 the cost.

  19. Posted by LMRiM

    Lots of action on Beaver — I see 6 places listed on a pretty tiny street.
    LOL, that brings me back to my Wall Street days – there’s a corner where Beaver and Broad Streets intersect and somehow “Let’s meet at Beaver and Broad, hehehehe” seemed to make its way into a lot of conversations.
    redfin shows 149 new listings in the last 24 hours in SF.
    Maybe the “green shoots” meme is gaining some traction and homemoaners are itching to bail at the first sign of stabilization:
    “As for selling activity, it’s clear a significant number of potential sellers are holding back due to the current market. When asked about future plans to sell, 31 percent of homeowners said they would be at least “somewhat likely” to put their homes on the market in the next 12 months if they saw signs of a real estate market turnaround.”
    I know, I know, SF is different.

  20. Posted by viewlover

    I have a freezer on the bottom and it sucks to get ice out of the bucket without it going on the floor and some pieces sliding underneath. I really would not do that again, just my opinion.

  21. Posted by StockBoySF

    I guess the kitchen is for people who eat out a lot.
    I went back and forth on the master bed/bath combo. I understand why it was designed that way- to make the small master bedroom look larger… But after reading a couple comments about the steam (which I didn’t think of) I agree, the combination bed/bath is not a good idea.
    I’m also not thrilled about the pebble look of the floor- I assume that it’s tile. Which I guess makes it easy to clean- indoors and out- for those people who enjoy being exhibitionists. 🙂

  22. Posted by NoeNut

    While pretty overall- this place looks too “done” for my taste.
    Why would you waste so much space with that giant bath tub when you’ve got an outdoor hot tub 36 inches away? A hot tub really eliminates the need for an indoor tub (unless you have children), at least in my opinion. As a frequent cook, those tiny fridge freezer undercounter drawers would never work for me.

  23. Posted by saprky-b

    All of these modern fadulous places places will keep contractors very busy 8 years from now.

  24. Posted by DanRH

    I see the heat vents, but then I also read that it’s got radiant heating…maybe radiant only applies to certain areas..?

  25. Posted by anonarch

    “All of these modern fadulous places places will keep contractors very busy 8 years from now.

    Indeed! Steely’s work in Hawaii is far less fashion oriented and much more solution based with affordable interesting prototypes that I was surprised by after seeing this project. Why must flipper projects in San Francisco be designed in such a way that they will be out of date within 5 years? How about a little more thought into making something functional and comfortable instead of fashionable?

  26. Posted by TheRealScoop

    How do people feel about the use of woods that have such strong – yet different – grains? The combination of the stranded bamboo floors and the Makassar ebony cabinets seem to compete with each other…not to mention that the wall shelves & doors appear to be a third type of less-grainy wood.
    I agree with prior comments on the mirrored doors and functional ridiculousness of a bathroom/bedroom combo like the downstairs unit. Form trumped practical function, clearly.
    Though “stylish” yes, I don’t think as TICs these are large enough to command the prices listed. I think the construction cost might have been up there, but the current housing market is not.

  27. Posted by jlasf

    To those who have been complaining about the bedroom/bathroom steaminess or heat problem, there seems to
    be a relatively easy fix: put in double doors between the two that are glass – either frosted or clear.
    As for me, I hate showers that aren’t more enclosed. In my experience, the spray from an open shower ends up all over the
    bathroom floor, not down the drain.

  28. Posted by BobN

    We try to save energy and keep the house pretty cool, 60-65, even lower at night. With an open plan like that, I’d freeze. Does shivering count as aerobic exercise?

  29. Posted by bgelldawg

    Anyone know what that floor covering around the hot tub and in the bathroom is called?

  30. Posted by just as curious

    ^^I hope it is not “Pebbbletech”, but it looks like it. I do know that Walker Zanger and Artisan Tiles have both come out with pebble/stone tiles that look very similar to what was used here. It is now used in bathrooms, but I have never seen it in a bedroom. Will be curious to hear what someone reports after seeing this project in person.

  31. Posted by kaya

    The sad thing is I think those mullion-less windows cost a big premium (at the bays)… and they look like crap aluminum 70s vintage windows. Why would anyone want such a tiny operable panel?

  32. Posted by 94114

    The floor around the bathtub is pebble tech.

  33. Posted by D

    I’m amazed no one has connected the dots between the street name and the “show your neighbors your goods” bathroom yet. There’s a good joke lingering somewhere in there.

  34. Posted by resp

    interesting Trip. you’re right there are 6 places for sale on a street that appears to be only 2 blocks long. maybe has something to do with the name of the street and the fact that it’s in the castro?

  35. Posted by falco

    To anyone posting these negative comments, I am a bit surprised the property was shown for the first time today May 17th I called the realtor. I love the place, it it a great location and very simple but functional design. I know it is not a victorian so anyone who wants a Victorian this is not the place. If you want an open mind do go see it, it is fabulous, it is simple in it’s design which is much more difficult than to cover every defect with molding.
    So any comments before the 17th are from people who have not seen the property. I have i love the upper unit, the lower is great and unusual, It sure beats a dark Victorian,
    Simple clean lines are very hard to do. I like it and I truly wish I could afford it.

  36. Posted by Ryan

    Not having a real sub zero fridge would kill me. Those under counter drawers should only be used in conjunction with a REAL fridge not in lieu of.

  37. Posted by runningwithscissors

    @ ex SF-er
    I’m guessing since you didn’t know what the flooring was in the master that you haven’t been in the house, yet you seem ready to give a basement to attic critique of the whole place.
    Next time why don’t you spare us such an in depth critique unless you actually take the time to walk through the place and not just look at pictures you ex SF_er ASS.

  38. Posted by ex SF-er

    thank you for your response. It was quite thoughtful and articulate. Perhaps you could avoid swearing, however, as there might be younger people reading. given the vehemence of your should I assume you’re associated with this property, or just an ex SF-er hater? interesting you singled me out for your critique. my guess would be the latter.
    Nonetheless, I have not been to this property. but I’ll repeat a point that I’ve discussed before on socketsite and I think bears repeating: In the year 2009 many/most prospective homebuyers use the internet to screen the properties that they’re interested in. (sorry for dangling participle). This property will have lost several buyers just on the photos alone. It’s not just me that recoils in horror at the mirrored closet doors or that odd floor in the bedroom!
    You could argue that the photos don’t do this property justice. If you argue that, then the photographer and realtor should be fired. this is a property trying to fetch a combined >$2 million. You’d better capture it well in the pictures.
    Bad photography or not, as you read through my critiques you will note that few of them require my presence to be valid. Me seeing these in person is not going to change the time-space continuum or bend any physical laws (at least to my knowledge)
    -I don’t need to see it in person to realize that the fridge situation is a poor choice if one likes to cook.
    -I have a very similar master bed/bath setup (soak tub in the actual bedroom), so I know without being in that unit that I dislike it. I can just walk around my own house
    -You can clearly see there is no dining room in one unit, and the other one has a dining space
    -you can clearly see mirrored closet doors and square white rooms. (FWIW: I love square rooms but I just don’t find them architecturally genius-y, and I hate mirrored closet doors)
    points you could argue:
    -that I would actually like that hideous master BR floor in person
    -that I wouldn’t think the wood floors and cabinets clashed in the LR/Kitchen combo (as I said, I love both individually, just not together)
    -perhaps I wouldn’t like the bathrooms
    -perhaps you couldn’t tailor this white background unit to your taste.
    -perhaps I wouldn’t like those floors OR those cabinets in person
    I just don’t think I have to go to Versailles to comment that it’s amazing and lavish and over the top uber-luxury and gorgeous and even may I say gaudy. Oh… and totally not my style, although I love it. Pictures will suffice. now before you jump down my throat I have also physically been to Versailles many times, and even listened to the tour in 3 different languages and thus per your logic my comments on it should have some validity

  39. Posted by anonn

    Do you concede that your opinion might change if you were to see it in person? I don’t see how you couldn’t, and so it is always going to beg that question. I do not think your commements were deserving of hostility, but I have to say it, I can sympathize with those who might have a problem with criticism of internet photos from afar. These are properties after all. View them, in person. Then talk.
    Or do whatever you like. But that’s a valid point.

  40. Posted by Trip

    Well, I’ll certainly defend ex SF-er’s legitimate take on these places based on the photos. The realtor posted something like 30 photos — every room from a number of angles. There was plenty to get a read on the place. Of course one would get a “better” feel for the place if one visited in person. But, hey, even that would fall short. You can’t really get a feel for a place until you live there. How can one predict the problems with these miniscule kitchens lacking a real refrigerator until you actually prepare a nice meal for 8 in them? Maybe it will all be just fine! So all comments on a listing by those who have not lived in the place are the utterances of an “ASS”?
    Ex SF-er has always been very thorough and fair in his take on places. You don’t like his view, runningwithscissors? Then counter his take on the merits rather than juvenile name-calling.

  41. Posted by resp

    damn i was shooting for the most juvenile post.

  42. Posted by 94114

    “How can one predict the problems with these miniscule kitchens …”
    I went to the open house yesterday. The kitchens were anything but miniscule. The large kitchen seemed to be the focus of the main living area, especially in the lower unit. Anything but miniscule. So maybe the pictures do not tell the whole story.

  43. Posted by DanRH

    saw these this weekend…
    I liked them but wasn’t blown away. I actually ended up liking that pebble-thing in the bedroom as it makes the room tie-in to the outdoor space well. Also on the plus side was that they did as good of a job as possible adding storage throughout / where possible.
    Really bad part was that the neighbor’s places do look down on that hot-tub.
    I left really liking the top unit a lot better. TONS of skylights / great light.
    On price…eh. Sorta feel that they’re priced as if they area already condo’s…and they’re not yet.

  44. Posted by ex SF-er

    Do you concede that your opinion might change if you were to see it in person?
    technically, yes I already conceded some of the points in the last post. For the most part, no.
    I thought in my last post I did a pretty decent job explaining which of my opinions might and might not change if I go in person, so don’t feel the need to repeat it. Please re-read my last post. I also can tell by the pics there would be no reason for me to see this place as it doesn’t have what I want and thus I’d have to do a lot of renovations on it. (I want a relatively large dining space and a bathroom that’s separate from a bedroom and a full sized fridge as example).
    These are properties after all. View them, in person. Then talk.
    so I take it by this quote that you have never talked about a property without visiting it in person? People in glass houses, you know. Or is it an attempt to try to restrict most thought that doesn’t come from RE salespeople and developers, since obviously Realtors will be in a position to see more properties than most other people. isn’t there a Realtor blog for that?
    I find it slightly humorous that even the people who have been IN the unit don’t know what that floor substance is. I also find it humorous that nobody who has seen this place has argued that
    -it has a big fridge
    -both units have a large dining area
    -it isn’t a conod with square white rooms
    -it doesn’t have a tub and a shower in the bedroom
    -it doesn’t have mirrored closets
    so essentially, nobody who has seen the unit has argued against my points although they may argue with the aesthetics (e.g. they like the floor in the master BR). how exactly will me seeing these change my opinions radically?

  45. Posted by anonn

    I have, and it has gotten me into a little bit of trouble. No, look, it’s fine, it’s not deserving of hostility, (which is what I said, Trip, so thank you buddy for yet anothey hyperbolic bowl of steaming nothing). It’s what folks do on here. But especially when you start talking about flow and feel and other intangibles you are setting yourself up for an obvious criticism, and a valid one at that.

  46. Posted by Trip

    Sheesh, what spurred that ad hominem attack? I said nothing at all directed in the least toward you, anonn, but was addressing runningwithscissors’ rude and juvenile comment (and in defense of someone whose posts I find almost uniformly worthwhile). Let’s not get a martyr complex, here.

  47. Posted by ex SF-er

    But especially when you start talking about flow and feel and other intangibles you are setting yourself up for an obvious criticism, and a valid one at that.
    (long winded post deleted as this argument is boring)

  48. Posted by viewlover

    fwiw, the pictures are usually nicer than the property. How big are these units, does anyone know? They look pretty large in the pics, but I’ve been fooled before.

  49. Posted by runningwithscissors

    This is rich….the snide, pompus SS posters are attacking each other now – luv it!
    This is such a strange world of cyber ego – Even I am blown away by EX-sfer’s response – did my post so rattle you that in addition to other self absorbed rants early in your reply you had to let everyone know you listened to the Versailles tour in person and in 3 languages!! Astounding how fragile you are!
    Next time I have absolutely nothing better to do, I will stop in to gawk at this ongoing train wreck – and I will spare you the commentary – absolutely not worth my time……

  50. Posted by curmudgeon

    bye running with scissors. We will miss you (not)

  51. Posted by kaya

    @ Rw/S,
    And yet you came back to check this post to let everyone know you will not check back (unless time permits, of course). Too bad you don’t know that everyone on SS argues with “anonn”.
    Your own cyberego seems to have led you to believe you incited some sort of SS cyber-riot 🙂

  52. Posted by ex SF-er

    @ everybody:
    please don’t feed the troll. unfortunately it took me too long to realize I was doing the same.

  53. Posted by daniel tee

    i thought these are poor designs and they must have been high when creating these. first, the top floor skylight in the master bedroom…hello?? the bottom unit bedroom/bathroom feels soooo cold and a dungeon with a spa? unless you are an exhibitionist, the open bathtub and jacuzzi with no privacy. i agree with you all about the refrig…cmon, that’s the first thing you need if the kitchen is the center of the main room. the bottom unit dining living combo is just confusing and a mess..poor setup.

  54. Posted by cj

    I saw this unit when it first hit the market. The design itself is kind of interesting BUT — hugh but — DOES NO ONE NOTICE YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY AND LOOK INTO PEOPLE’S HOMES. I WOULDN”T LIVE HERE IF YOU PAID ME.
    And the prices must be from someone on A LOT of crack.

  55. Posted by bev in sf

    Just saw these units…What is up with that bottom unit?? Awful to have to sleep down in the bottom floor. First, it’s behind the garage, secondly in the same room as the shower and bathtub, and thirdly there is absolutely NO privacy!! Did you see what was used to cover the area from the view of the neighbors? I think it was a sheet of toilet paper to go with everything else. “Crack” is the word to describe this unit and the prices are ridiculously out of ballpark.
    No thanks…pass!

  56. Posted by SocketSite

    The list price for 4 Beaver has just been reduced from $998,000 to $948,000.

  57. Posted by SocketSite

    The sale of 4 Beaver closed escrow on 10/1 with a reported contract price of $940,000.

  58. Posted by RenterAgain

    It baffles me when places linger on the market for months, but still sell for close to asking. Between that and listings expiring or getting withdrawn, it’s still not a buyer’s market in the areas I’m watching.

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