1005 Duncan
Asking $1,238,000 in October of 2007 the agents for 1005 Duncan were unable to find a buyer. So they renovated (Eichler purists look away). And raised the price to $1,275,000.
1005 Duncan: Bath
Back on the market today once again as “new.” And now asking $1,150,000.
UPDATE (1/26): From a plugged-in reader:

We looked at this house in ’07 and seriously considered putting in a bid, but the agents told us that there were 7 other interested parties and we just weren’t interested in putting up a fight….They allegedly got six bids on the offer date, but they declined to sell because they were looking for something over asking.

∙ Listing: 1005 Duncan (4/2.5) – $1,150,000 [MLS] []
Duncan Chic (No, Not Sheik): An Eichler Up In Diamond Heights [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by anon

    Looking at [**SWOOSH**] the photo [real people] gallery [real service] with the [real style] top of [real knowledge] the site [real mission] constantly [real estate] animating [real vanguard] wasn’t annoying [VANGUARD PROPERTIES] at all [always on the forefront]. Really.
    The animation was a bit much when reading the property details, though.

  2. Posted by John

    Still with those nasty glass bathroom sinks. 🙂
    Actually, this one isn’t that bad. But, it brings back memories.

  3. Posted by EH

    is that really one of those suction-cup soap corners?

  4. Posted by Jack

    I think my favorite is the parquet flooring.

  5. Posted by anon

    If Vanguard is trying to go for that annoying brand image they are doing a great job. [Removed by Editor]
    I also hate those bowl glass vanity sinks. Who ever thought those were attractive, much less functional/practical? If you’ve ever used one of these glass bowl sinks (to wash your face), the water gets ever where…

  6. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    That pair of cubical “dueling sinks” looks cool but also nonfunctional. There’s no flat surface to set down your toiletries. And imagine the elbow knocking both against the walls and your spouse using the other sink.
    I can just see the residents here giving up in frustration and just covering one sink with a piece of plywood to restore function.

  7. Posted by spencer

    closing price estimate; $999,998

  8. Posted by anon

    that is very high for you spencer ????? in 1997 this one sells for 400K I’d guess.

  9. Posted by Salarywoman

    Sad, sad, sad, sad, sad. All that money, time and effort….

  10. Posted by LMRiM

    “in 1997 this one sells for 400K I’d guess.”
    Well, it sold for 1989 for $385K, so with the remodeling and the 20 years that have gone by since then, I’d guess it’s fair value is $650-750K 🙂

  11. Posted by anon

    8% price reduction is too much. It’ll scare away buyers. If these guys were true RE pros, they’d do a small 2% price cut. That would show that they know what they’re doing.

  12. Posted by LMRiM

    Not that I think it’s a valid comparison (it’s not), but this is another SF property that has failed to keep up with the S&P (S&P started 1989 at 275, it’s now 831) even if it sells here at $1.15M. I guess it’s not primo.

  13. Posted by pC-sparky

    Amount of people who have ever called Diamond Hgts “primo SF”; 0

  14. Posted by movingback

    Standard Vanguard remodel and ‘flip’ – cookie cutter of just about everything else they have done in SF over the past few years. Price still too high.

  15. Posted by anon

    Vanguard is both the brokerage and the owner?

  16. Posted by sanfrantim

    Apple lovers! Check out another apple in this same neighborhood:
    651 27th Street, listed in today’s open houses listings of the Chronic-ill.
    Sold in 2004 for $1.2m, then again in 9/07 for a whopping $1.5m. Now, priced back down to earth at $1.195 m – just under the ’04 sales price. According to propertyshark, owners are a corporation in Texas. I smell a flip gone horribly wrong.
    [Editor’s Note: We’re moving comments on 651 27th Street to a dedicated post: On The Market (But Not The Public Facing MLS): 651 27th Street.]

  17. Posted by nowonderitcostssomuchhere

    We looked at this house in ’07 and seriously considered putting in a bid, but the agents told us that there were 7 other interested parties and we just weren’t interested in putting up a fight for a place that had hideous bathrooms, a kitchen that was a botched 80s remuddle, and vintage systems and windows. They allegedly got six bids on the offer date, but they declined to sell because they were looking for something over asking. *Shakes head*
    It looks like they’ve got the same ugly kitchen cabinets but new counters.

  18. Posted by geekgrrl

    My husband and I went to look at this place yesterday.
    The living area is small, the long hallway that connects the bedrooms to the kitchen/living room is weirdly narrow, the floors are warped, and the windows need to be replaced – it’s incredibly drafty. Kitchen remodel is ok – not totally vomitous but not the bees knees either. Nice separate and functional laundry room off of the kitchen.
    MBR is a good size but the layout is odd. There is no door between it and the room with the overly-hip double sinks which sits between the walk-in-closet and room with toilet and shower (separated by a pocket door). The remodeled is sunken so you need to step down about 6 inches or so which given my clumsiness screams “have fun tripping over me while you’re naked” – and there is pretty much no storage in the bathroom except for the sink drawers which drives me crazy. There’s not even enough counter space around the sinks to support a glass to hold a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.
    The other bedrooms are very small. 2 are stacked up against each other, adjacent to the MBR and other full bath with the last bedroom on the other side of the MBR with access to the backyard. The walls are on the thin side so there is very little privacy between the bedrooms.
    We did love the center patio (who wouldn’t?) but we found the front patio off of the kitchen to be a complete waste of space. Would have preferred if it were indoor space and the living space was bigger. Backyard is nice but there is no view at all even though you’re up on a hill – the next door neighbor has built up a wall that towers over the backyard turning sunshine into shadows.
    Overall, the impression we walked away with was cramped, drafty, and in need of some significant TLC repairs which was completely contrary to our expectations before seeing it after reading “renovated Eichler home” but not the worst house we’ve seen.
    Our personal opinion, we can’t see paying more then $800k for it but we won’t bother making an offer – we’ve seen houses in much better condition and locations listed for less.

  19. Posted by adam

    god that kitchen remodel is weak. it is so 1996…

  20. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Thanks for the detailed summary geekgrrl ! You confirmed my suspicions about lack of flat space for toiletries in the “the overly-hip double sinks”. Did you by chance have a chance to stand there side by side with your spouse to see if there is adequate elbow room for both sinks to be used at the same time ?
    On warped floors : I notice this a lot in houses older than 50 years. To me a little warpage isn’t a big issue though it does induce me to inspect the foundation to make sure that there isn’t a more serious problem.
    To me a little warpage is all part of owning an older home. I’m curious though whether warped floors is a big red flag for anyone out there in socketsiteland.

  21. Posted by geekgrrl

    Apologies for my typing snafu regarding the MBR bathroom – I meant to type “The remodeled SHOWER is sunken” but apparently my fingers just skipped right over the noun portion of the sentence.
    To The Milkshake of Despair:
    You’re very welcome. We did stand side-by-side in the MBR bath at the overly-hip double sinks and found bumping elbows to definitely be an issue.
    Just walking past each other in the halfway or in a doorway requires extra coordination given how narrow they are and we’re both active/normal weight to height so can’t imagine anyone who is a bit husky finding it livable.
    We understand some floor warpage is standard for older homes but the warpage seemed to be quite extensive, from the front door all the way down the hallway along the main wall and in various spots in many of the rooms, especially the MBR. That plus the deliberately sloping front brick patio into the front walkway area seemed to indicate flooding/drainage issues but we didn’t bother to view the disclosures so it could be a misinterpretation on our part.

  22. Posted by dch

    I saw the house yesterday as well and concur with geekgrrl; we were quite disappointed. The rooms felt small and cramped and the long hallway was a total waste of space. It lacked the sense of openness you should get with a “modern” house.
    The draft was exacerbated by the open back door and long hallways, but I wasn’t looking forward to replacing all the old windows with double-paned glass.
    I’d pay 8-900k for it, but won’t bother with an offer now.

  23. Posted by Mystery Realtor

    This house has “issues”. There is also a bus stop in frotn and no view. The sellers are just being greedy. I predict if it sells it’ll be $999K.

  24. Posted by Evan

    I drove by this house the other day and was surprised to it has a “sold” on the sign out front. Anyone know how much it went for?

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