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As a plugged-in reader notes, a notice has been hung on 3931-3933 24th Street (the Noe Bagel building). From our reader:

They are planning a 8,000 sqft 4 story mixed use building, near the indefinitely closed [“for renovation”] real food company store. Don’t think Noe Bagel will survive this project.

And from the permit application:

Vertical and horizontal addition to existing building. Add 1 additional unit, 2 offices. Reconfigure and remodel alll e (sic) units. Top units to include 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, study, 2 full bath, 1 half bath. Lower unit: 1 bedroom, 1 bath. 1 office 2nd fl. Gr floor 1 office, 1 retail space.

Plans – or the inside scoop on the Real Food site – anyone?

17 thoughts on “Noe Bagel’s Days Might Be Numbered. Now About Next Door…”
  1. there is a bunch of info about Real Food drama in the latest edition of Noe Valley Voice (paper version) — it doesn’t look like that edition is yet up on their website just yet.
    But net net, I don’t think anything has really changed (though I did learn that it was 5 yrs ago that it was closed…wow). How a company sits on that much money/land and do nothing with it, I have no idea.

  2. Holy Bagel isn’t as good as Noe, they are also 10% pricier. They don’t prepare the dough on premise.
    This project will trump any neighborhood resistance, I think the owner has connections in DBI. Use your favorite search engine to connect the dots.

  3. I wouldnt discount the neighborhood opposition just yet – the noe valley voice considers buildings 4 storys tall to be skyscrapers.

  4. Or go to Cala and get fresh made bagels (if you time it right) for a fraction of the price. That taste the same. And you don’t have to tip. Bagel’s a bagel’s a bagel.

  5. The Voice basically says nothing is happening with the Real Food building – no one is talking to anyone anymore and people have mostly stopped caring.
    As we noted in our post about this building, the neighborhood has a history of fighting development on this block. Our best guess is that they’re gearing up for another fight – the Merchant’s Association has listed the project on their agenda as “old business” (they don’t provide minutes and haven’t returned emails).
    The developer appears to be Leo McFadden. And yes – strong connections to the DBI. And the FBI.

  6. Real Food is a tantrum of epic proportions, and if you ask me the motivation is for Neutraceuticals (owner) to wait out the statute of limitations for the labor beef the RF employees have been hanging over their heads. What’s that, 10yrs (dumb guess)?
    As for Noe, I find that Manhattan (insert your own finger quotes) Bagels tastes about the same but Noe Bagel is somehow a nicer place. Cheaper day-old’s for that Friday in the office, too. Anyway, ultimately they both suck and I just as soon pick up a bag of Trader Joes’ undercooked bread rings. Cala? Plz.
    I don’t see why there wouldn’t be oppo on this project, what’s the upside for 24th? Another video store to require your SSN for membership like the one across the street?

  7. 24th street reminds me of a small town street many run away from as soon as they graduate high school. What exactly is so cosmopolitan about bagel and video stores, strollers and laundromats?

  8. Hope it doesn’t close – the Latino bagel server cutie with the fauxhawk is the only thing that makes my early AM trek down 24th to BART tolerable…

  9. Streetlight Records is a pretty cool spot. I don’t think NV thinks of itself as “cosmopolitan,” nor does it strive to be. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  10. I love Streetlight Records too. And also agree 24th Street is not going out of its way to be hip and cosmopolitan. People like NV because of the ‘small town within a city’ feeling. There’s a good mix of service businesses, interesting boutiques, good restaurants and national brands.
    And no, I don’t live there, but enjoy visiting.

  11. ‘Laundromats’ on 24th Street in NV? Since when? The closest one I know about is the corner of 24th & Diamond. Hardly in the thick of it all.
    Sounds like someone doesn’t know their ‘hoods very well. Also, there is only 1 video store, and 2 bagel shops. Lots of great places to eat, hang out, and have coffee. You do have to dodge some dogs and strollers from time to time, but it’s worth it.

  12. The point about 24th street is that it is beyond ordinary, it is boring! Sure we need dry cleaners, banks, etc., but is this really the type of neighborhood street that makes somebody flee a suburb to pay Beverly Hills per sq. ft. prices to live in the neighborhood? I am really more curious as to why such a desirable neighborhood does not have better shops and restaurants on that street. I do love Streetlight, and Echo Furniture, though I admit, I have not really walked down 24th in perhaps 2 years. The reason why I don’t desire to go to 24th is there is nothing interesting to draw me to that street. Why don’t they have a better neighborhood grocery store? Why isn’t there better and unusual bookstores? Where is there anything at all unusual and unexpected on 24th? Maybe this is what Noe Valley residents like, but I just think it is very boring.

  13. Well, if you live in NV and follow things closely, along with the rumor mill, then you would know that the location of what is currently Bell Market is going to be taken over by Whole Foods sometime next year. That will be great. There are plenty of great places to eat along and around 24th Street – maybe you should come back and visit again. If I can’t find what I am looking for at Bell, it’s easy to run up the hill to Diamond Heights Safeway.

  14. I thought I read that Whole Foods declined the Bell Market location because the store was half the size of what is a standard Whole Foods market, therefore not large enough for their required needs, and because of parking issues.

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