1915 15th Avenue
Asking $1,975,000 in April; $1,850,000 in May; $1,750,000 in June; and then relisted for $1,695,000 a few days ago, 1915 15th Avenue is now in escrow. In other words, MLS based reports and statistics will reflect an “official” 2 days on the market and an “original” list price of $1,695,000 (with respect to whether or not it sells for over or under asking).
But hey, what’s 140 days on the market and $280,000 between friends? Purchased for $1,515,000 on 3/11/2005 with at least a little bit of bathroom remodeling (and basic maintenance) since.
∙ Listing: 1915 15th Avenue (4/3.5) – $1,695,000 [] [MLS]

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  1. Posted by garrett

    yes and no. mls will also show the original listing with all the reductions and the fact that it was withdrawn or expired. it’s true, the most recent listing will show 2 days on the market, but all that other juicy info is still there, it doesn’t get erased, i just don’t think there is public access to the info. unfortunately.
    [Editor’s Note: While it’s true that the listing history will be preserved in the MLS, when this property closes escrow the published industry statistics (days on the market, sales to list price, etc.) will only reflect the most recent listing. That’s the rub.]

  2. Posted by garrett

    got it. makes sense.

  3. Posted by majr

    I kinda like this house. At least it seems large and has a nice lot, though this site only had one picture that I could see. Seems like some or a lot of homes list for over $2M in the city. I like this location.

  4. Posted by majr

    I found the photos. It looks nice, but maybe no backyard up that way?

  5. Posted by ex SF-er

    I love this neighborhood. There are a few small drawbacks (for some people)
    1) it’s not that close to the L Taraval or N Judah. but bus service is good.
    2) it’s a little bit of a hike to Irving shops/restaurants. (there may be good shopping/restaurants the other direction, i’m not sure since my perspective is Inner-sunset centered)
    3) foggy.
    at 4BR, 3.5 Ba, I’m slightly surprised it went for $1.7M, there may have been other issues with the property?

  6. Posted by tharpo

    wow, it looks very Indiana.

  7. Posted by ex SF-er

    actually, it does look Indiana.
    but all of San Francisco can’t look like a weathered run-down cement-laden homeless shack.

  8. Posted by Foolio

    I guess this is as good a place as any to ask…noticed that your site went from previously reporting sales prices to now asking people to write in for more information.
    Did someone put the kibosh on your postings, or was it a conscious decision on your part? I for one always found those posts to be pretty informative, and it’s a shame that they no longer contain the actual selling price.

  9. Posted by Mark

    I live six houses from this home, and toured the house before sale in 2005, and recently at open house. The current owner did $80K to $100K in cosmetic upgrades. It’s one of the first homes Doelger built and is quality (for 1939)construction. Fabulous view, but one big drawback for an original asking price of $1.9 mil…detached garage two levels down accessed from the back alley.

  10. Posted by garrett

    believe me, i had ZERO intention of making people request the info. the whole reason we used to publish the sales stats was because nobody else was doing it. it’s very difficult to get that “real time” data as most folks typically had to wait for the sale to become public record, then the Chronicle publishes it. so, to answer your question, somebody didn’t like what we were doing and he “turned us in.” i’m pretty bummed about it for many reasons and believe it or not, it’s more work for me to publish the data this way. i’m glad you liked it and i’m sorry that one bad apple had to spoil everybody’s fun.

  11. Posted by Foolio

    @garrett: Cool. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for running a pretty good (and balanced) site.

  12. Posted by lefty

    this house sits on a street full of homes henry doelger built for his family and friends. this one, i believe, was built for his plumber.

  13. Posted by into the abyss

    1915 15th Avenue has lowered its listing price (again). Now $1,610,000 – almost 20% below its initial listing price last April:
    Another seller following the market down, down, down….

  14. Posted by diemos

    I guess escrow just ain’t what it used to be.

  15. Posted by LMRiM

    Just catching up, 1915 15th closed for $1.5M on 1/27/2009, 1% under its 3/2005 sales price and 24% under its initial listing price. It had a pretty extensive cosmetic remodel in betwen, so it’s not really a “clean” apple I guess.

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