2930 Vallejo: Landing (
If you’re thinking ‘Basic Instinct,’ this is the house (2930 Vallejo). Not 2950 Vallejo (which is right next door) nor 2100 Vallejo (which is not).
2930 Vallejo: The 'Basic Instinct' House (
Simply consider this a “sleepiguy” inspired public service announcement of the week. And should the question ever again arise, you now know where to link
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Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Sleepiguy

    haha! My favorite house finally gets its own post!
    Now if only the current owners would consider selling to a borderline narcoleptic young man.

  2. Posted by Daniel

    My chiropractor was the owner of the house when Basic Instinct was filmed.
    I am not sure if he is still the current owner.

  3. Posted by REpornaddict

    Basic Instinct ahh love that film
    if only for Michael Douglas and his green v-neck nightclub action…

  4. Posted by gh

    My best friend from high school and I went to this house for a party when the chiropractors were out of town and their delinquent kids had control of the place, back in ’89. I distinctly remember a drunken girl vomiting off the deck there and drenching my friend below, who was innocently relieving himself. Good times. We were high school geeks at our first ‘bigtime’ party.

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