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As any truly plugged-in person should know, the location of 2243 Greenwich is a bit more problematic than any of the tightly cropped listing photos might suggest.
And as such, that’s most likely why this six-bedroom Cow Hollow home sold for only $1,800,000 at the end of 2005 (and became an asterisked neighborhood comp).
And while it was briefly in escrow when it was listed for $1,745,000, it is no longer. And the price has once again been reduced. Asking $2,195,000 five months ago. Asking $1,695,000 today (5.8% below its selling price in 2005).
∙ Listing: 2243 Greenwich (6/5) – $1,695,000 [MLS]
A Little Extra Perspective On The Listing: 2243 Greenwich [SocketSite]

26 thoughts on “A Little Extra Perspective On The <strike>Listing</strike> Market? (2243 Greenwich)”
  1. Worst Location Ever
    Not only do you have the fire station on one side, you have Balboa Cafe on the other side — so if the fire trucks don’t wake you up, the drunk Cougar chasers will be sure to wake you up.
    But that psf price is amazing for that neighborhood.

  2. Instead of shiny new PUC towers I wish the City would buy this to provide subsidized housing for the firemen next door that would otherwise commute in from Antioch.

  3. “Tipster” — have you ever been on this block on a Friday or Saturday night? Trust me — the spill over when Balboa let’s out extends to this house.

  4. hey it’s a great party pad if you’re a highly paid fireman who wants to be close to work and 1/2 a block from cougars too drunk to walk far.
    i’ve been told that the firemen aren’t supposed to turn on their sirens til a few blocks away from the house as a neighborhood courtesy, so you might be better off here than 6 blocks away.

  5. The beauty of Cougars is that they have the self confidence and drive to chase you… I think you’re looking for “Cougar Bait” perhaps?
    Somewhat surprised to see the Balboa hate (of all things Marina, it’s not sooo very bad). Not my top choice, but I reserve my inner hate for Matrix Filmore and its klassy patrons.
    Regardless, thumbs up to redseca2 on the idea… No price per sqft would make me want to share a wall with a fire station.

  6. yes, this is right next to balboa. i live in this area (1 block away) and the spillover will definitely reach this place. i like it (minus the people peeing in alleys).
    if the firetrucks really don’t turn on their sirens until a few blocks away and if i actually had enough for a downpayment, i’d totally buy this place.

  7. OK, I stand corrected. Although the fire trucks probably aren’t the sum of your worries…you’re next door to the station, so I’m guessing you probably here all the internal station bells, too.

  8. This building is fugly. It looks like a starter apartment complex.
    Staging did its best to try and humanize the place, but it remains bland, boxy and boring.
    And with the fire station next door, good luck on finding a “hidden value” in this gem.

  9. From PropertyShark.com:
    Sale in 02/01 for 1.050M
    Refi in 02/02 with 300K out
    Sale in 03/05 for 2.182M
    Sale in 10/05 for 1.800M
    I guess the music has stopped and the last one standing is left with the bag to hold while the others left with the cash.
    Anyone dare to bail the owner out?
    [Editor’s Note: We’re ignoring the “sale” in March of 2005 as it looks to be anything but arms length.]

  10. I like it, that place is huge. What’s the typical per month mortgage on something at this price.

  11. looks like the owner had a $20K gift certificate from home depot to use up.
    hope the cougars are too drunk to see the remodel job til they wake up.

  12. Based on what I see, anyone who would pay even half that much for this place should have his/her head examined.

  13. I live near this place and agree with comments about the location. Weekends around Fillmore and Union/Greenwich/Filbert are pretty nightmarish. Its the bridge and tunnel gang drunk and rowdy, broken bottles on the road and in plantings. Add to that the fact this place has absolutely no curb appeal whatsoever, and the backyard offers no privacy or quiet. Its not surprising to me this hasn’t sold.

  14. I live right next to the Noe Valley fire station on 26th. It’s true that they’ll usually get to an intersection before hitting the siren. But it doesn’t matter because their engine noise is every bit as loud, just not quite as piercing. Like, it’s LOUD. And it’s loud when they return, and when they repark, no siren. Can’t hear the person on the far end of the phone loud.
    So, no, don’t worry about the siren.

  15. I saw this house & at the orig price it was way too high. Needs a ton of work to make it anywhere north of $2m and would probably never get there due in part to the fire station & the busy area.

  16. I reported this on the thread covering this story. Never sure the protocal on where to post updates to older threads. I usually attempt to go with the most recent thread date, but sometimes the threads with the most recent comments are more ‘active’. Here is the cross link:
    Redfin has this as foreclosed @ $1,345,500
    1.818 is more than aggressive.

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