1445 Cole: Kitchen
It’s has nothing to do with the alliteration in the listing. Quite simply, we’re completely crushing on the design, style and architecture of this Craftsman on Cole.
1445 Cole: Dining
And in keeping with the day’s theme, the upstairs deck. And yes, there’s another off the kitchen.
1445 Cole: Deck
UPDATE (6/20): 1445 Cole closed escrow on 6/20/08 with a reported contract price of $1,819,000 (5.5% under original asking).
∙ Listing: 1445 Cole Street (3/2) – $1,925,000 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by dub dub

    No range hood? Is that common? Ours was broken for three weeks recently and it was very unpleasant. More pizza, less cooking…
    Atleast they got the task/ambient/access lighting nailed 🙂

  2. Posted by browntrilby

    Is the Ruth Asawa in the entryway included?
    [Editor’s Note: Another reason we love our readers. They’ve got great eyes (and taste).]

  3. Posted by anon

    The “hood” is actually directly behind the burners – it pops up out of the counter, and they actually work pretty well.

  4. Posted by unearthly

    Those down draft vents are awful; fine as long as you don’t cook a steak at maximum heat. No one should put a high BTU stove on an island. It only looks good in pictures and on TV; of course the TV stage has a commercial vent up high with make up air. Otherwise the house is beautiful.

  5. Posted by Kevin

    Gorgeous! I love it! I just rather not live in Cole Valley, it gets a bit foggy. But, at that price, I would consider moving out of the sunny Marina district. I still thinking renting is cheaper, though. Rather have my money more diversified.

  6. Posted by tony

    Love it. Not $1035/sqft-to-live-in-cole-valley-love-it, but definitely a nice spread.

  7. Posted by gh

    This psf must be the highest in Cole Valley? I thought the two TIC units on Delmar were high, but not like this. I’m tempted by the area, but I’ll stay in the Marina for now.

  8. Posted by recentinfinitybuyer

    Simply stunning. An amazing space…appears to be really bright inside, especially for a craftsman.

  9. Posted by noearch

    re: cooktop in the island. totally agree it’s the wrong place for it. and those downdraft hoods do NOT work very well..this kitchen is mostly about show and not function.

  10. Posted by Dan

    Love it but yeah, that PSFT #is crazy…although if the place uses that psft # really well, then who cares…could argue that as long as the layout is what you need for that psft#, then you are fine.

  11. Posted by zzzzzzz

    Cole St. south of 17th gets extra points for location! All the streets around there are extremely attractive, not to mention the proximity to Tank Hill with its amazing views.

  12. Posted by kthnxbye

    They get plus 1,000,000cajillion points for not painting the wood trim white. I’ll be very happy when letting wood stay wood colored comes back into style.
    I agree that I wouldn’t like a downdraft vent/cooktop island for practical reasons, but it looks very pretty here.

  13. Posted by location

    PSFT is high, but if you are a craftsman fanatic, your options are somewhat limited in SF.

  14. Posted by location

    …and I am a craftsman fanatic, but alas I only make $140k/year. dangit!

  15. Posted by bgelldawg

    For that price I would expect much better bathrooms, or at least better photos of them.
    And two million dollars and no view?

  16. Posted by rocco

    We should all live so stylishly. And I’d kill for that Ruth Asawa in the front hall.

  17. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    This place is great. Too rich for my blood, but a very nice place.

  18. Posted by fluj

    I prefer this craftsman in the same area

  19. Posted by Lady

    This is absolutely beautiful, and not bad at $1,000/sqft. Great advertising too by this site. Thnx!

  20. Posted by redseca2

    Is that a Nevelson in the kitchen?
    Is the art and furniture worth more than the house?

  21. Posted by jlasf

    Yes, that’s a Nevelson. I’ve been in that house. Beautifully done.

  22. Posted by sfbvguy

    The Golden Gate Bridge off the upper deck isn’t a view? The yard is KILLER!

  23. Posted by cole looker

    Yes it’s a beautiful home, but it’s WAY overpriced. I saw it today. Only 1 bath upstairs, (with only 1 sink) and the second bedroom doesn’t have a closet. It’s definitely not a family house. To pay 2mm bucks is aridiculous. Single car garage. I guess it only takes one fool, but an educated buyer can do much better.

  24. Posted by inthemarket

    I agree with ‘cole looker’. Very nice ground floor but for the price the upstairs is extremely small and limited. I think it’d be a fine place for single person, but even a couple would be somewhat cramped.
    Seller has beautiful taste. That’s a very nice Nevelson. Lusted after that, I must admit.

  25. Posted by SocketSite

    1445 Cole closed escrow today (6/20/08) with a reported contract price of $1,819,000 (5.5% under original asking).

  26. Posted by fluj

    Did we find out if the tax record square footage is accurate? I heard this one was smallish. If accurate, this property sold for 977 a foot.

  27. Posted by Rentwatcher

    Now listed on CL for $6750 per month…

  28. Posted by gumby

    Still available on CL as a rental 2 months later, asking rent has drifted down to $6495. In a few years the ask might meet the market.

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