3481 Washington: Kitchen
Once again, it’s sure to look too industrial or unfinished to some. And it’s not necessarily what we’d expect at this price point (or perhaps even with the rest of the architecture). But we’ve always had a soft spot for Metro shelving.
It’s relatively easy (and inexpensive) way to “modernize” a kitchen for those working within a budget. And we happen to like the look (along with the window).
∙ Listing: 3481 Washington (5/3.5) – $3,995,000 [MLS]

Comments from “Plugged-In” Readers

  1. Posted by ex SF-er

    so it’s a cheap and easy way to modernize a kitchen in a $4 million home?

  2. Posted by tony

    Perhaps this is a “it looks better in person” moment, but it looks pretty crapola from here (especially in the context of a $4MM home).
    BTW, MLS link appears to be broken. 🙁
    [Editor’s Note: Link has been fixed.]

  3. Posted by Augustus Joe

    Growing I had shelving just like this in a 1BR NY Apt. It seems like a great idea until you add 10-15 years to it. Shelving like this gather dust easily. Hey maybe a celeb chef could move in and slang some lobster tacos to the neighborhood…

  4. Posted by vox

    Check out the orange doorway, extensive use of orange and black througout and the King Kong poster on the wall of the kid’s bedroom. Trick or treat!
    Together with yesterday’s gate we just need one more Halloween house to complete the trifecta.

  5. Posted by S&S

    Shelves like these belong in a tool shed/garage, not in a $4M house. They are exactly that and nothing more in quality and appearance: c-h-e-a-p, cheap!
    Oh … and ugly.

  6. Posted by liz

    I like the shelving. Industrial, simple, looks great against the black. Just because you’re rich doesn’t mean you can’t like the look of something that’s inexpensive.

  7. Posted by Mole Man

    The exterior and roof deck are very classy. Simple shelves are easily to replace, so there’s that.

  8. Posted by amused

    That’s not an attempt to be “modern”, it’s an attempt to be “commercial”. The extensive use of stainless and butcher block surfaces has nothing to do with modern and everything to do with utility.
    I really expect more insightful commentary from this site. Is the default position to take everything that doesn’t look either Victorian or Colonial and label it modern?

  9. Posted by Delancey

    Why is there a carpet in the kitchen? Is that just a staging goof or do folks really do this?

  10. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Yes, this is outfitted like a commercial kitchen. It has a feature I’ve always wanted : the overhead spray hose over a large stainless sink/counter combo. With that rig you can blast through the dirty dishes amazingly fast.
    Too bad they didn’t go all the way and construct the floor with the standard commercial kitchen terracotta tiles. Usually that type of floor is graded with a drain in the low spot which makes cleaning up the whole kitchen easy. With that spray arm you can hose down the entire space, squeege, and mop in about 10 mintues.
    Kitchens are more fun if you can work and clean up easier.

  11. Posted by Anon

    Yes, the poster above nailed it — this is supposed to “evoke” a commercial kitchen. Problem is, real commercial kitchens don’t have wood floors or area rugs. This kitchen does have what every commercial kitchen I’ve ever worked in has: plenty of nooks, crannies, and exposed surfaces to clean. However, in a $4 mil home, somehow I doubt the owners will be on their hands and knees scrubbing.

  12. Posted by resp

    this kitchen is a joke. looks like the owner bought everything from a fire sale at a restaurant going out of business and backed it up with 20 bucks of paint. not a single closed cabinet?? a rug to hide the fact that the floor clashes with the butcher block counter. not enough depth on the long wall to even put in cabinets (notice how the wire shelves that are probably 12 inches deep overlap the door molding). a couple of pendant lights providing light for the whole kitchen? no hood can be seen over a 6 burner/griddle stove – if true that’s almost against code and certainly not “professional”. a 4 inch backsplash?? that’ll work great with the huge spray hose.
    The only way this sells for $4M is to someone who’s so rich they’ve never flipped their own burger.

  13. Posted by unearthly

    Commercial kitchens also have 30k-BTU per burner ranges and serious ventilation above that stove. Residential water lines and gas lines are insufficient to handle true commercial appliances and fixtures. For $4M I would expect Bulthaup or Poggenpohl, not something from a local restaurant supply shop…

  14. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    Good points about the shallow shelving and lack of stove hood (!!). Still I’d take a kitchen built to commercial standards over one outfitted with the latest euro-cool appliances any day. The commercial stuff may not look sexy but it outperforms anything else you can find. And it is indestructible.

  15. Posted by Oceangoer

    @Delancey “Why is there a carpet in the kitchen? Is that just a staging goof or do folks really do this?” Not a goof at all, good rugs go well in kitchens. I had a Hamadan in my last house, and presently have an 80-year old Caucasian rug in my present kitchen. Good rugs feel great under your feel, they wash (yes wash) well if anything happens to them, and they sure make a kitchen look better than a lot of blank floor.

  16. Posted by tony

    Does the 80 year old Caucasian complain when you step on him?
    (Sorry, just having fun, I know it’s a category/class of rugs.)
    Whether you like that style or prefer something else… totally agree that having something softer than a hardwood floor to stand on during long prep sessions is a blessing.

  17. Posted by Oceangoer

    @tony, nah, he just smiles forgivingly as he ruffles his nap.

  18. Posted by fred

    Liz sounds like a sensible woman.

  19. Posted by hj o'connor

    Wow. That house is just about perfect. I tend to like victorians with period-conscious restorations, but this one does seem very modern (the color scheme especially), but it’s done so subtly and tastefully. the house has a cozy, understated feel to it. it kind of vanishes into the block. If I had 4m to spend (and I suspect the views/location are most of it)… I’d take it in a minute.

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