402 Sanchez
The original (and still active) listing photos for 402 Sanchez: Above
The new price: $1,234,050 (previously $1,299,000, originally $1,350,000)
The new notes: “Interior has been repainted with neutral colors” and “Now on lockbox!”
The last pre non-neutral paint and remodel sale: $1,200,000 (on 10/24/2006)
∙ Listing: 402 Sanchez (2/2) – $1,234,050 [MLS]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Spencer

    this place will go for under $1M.

  2. Posted by Foolio

    Still too expensive, in my book. This one has a ways to go, yet.

  3. Posted by sfbear

    Why not $1,234,567?
    But I agree it more likely to sell for $987,654.

  4. Posted by unearthly

    Looks like District 5 could be next… This house is still overpriced @ > $1100/sqft. I’ve been looking for a house in 5-A, 5-C, and 9-A, something I can fix up and every one is selling at close to $1000/sqft (103 Ellsworth @ $900k+, 1779 Sanchez @ $950k+, 526 Chenerey, etc.). Who buys a fixer at $1000/sqft?

  5. Posted by garrett

    those are neutral colors? bright pink, green and blue?? yowzer, i’d hate to see aggressive colors…

  6. Posted by NoeValleyJim

    I just got a flyer from a Real Estate agent: 1779 Sanchez sold for $1M ($1033/sq ft).

  7. Posted by unearthly

    I spoke with the listing agent and he said as much. IMO > $1000/sqft for a house stuck in the 1950’s is hard to justify… You can see the interior here: 1779 Sanchez. This house was actually a trust sale.

  8. Posted by mk92

    garrett: pretty sure those pics are before the repainting

  9. Posted by resp

    Sorry I haven’t looked at homes in this district for awhile and musta been asleep at the wheel – can someone explain why Sanchez street should command anything near $1000/sqft?? esp when we’re squabbling about much smaller district 7 condos getting $925/sqft. is it the weather, noe valley families, schools, relatively low price for a SFH despite the size? thanks

  10. Posted by urban_angst

    Is that a “sleeping loft” I see as bedroom #2?
    I mean, WTF?
    This is really just a 1 BR for over $1.2M.

  11. Posted by invented

    Add $125K for a facade restoration. Anyone notice the asbestos shingle clad exterior? There’s no shame here.

  12. Posted by fred

    In fairness, the stated square footage of a house may not include basement or porch areas etc., and a house has expansion potential compared to a condo, so it is not an apples to apples comparison.

  13. Posted by jamesa

    Aside from the change in paint colors, was there a change in the original listing agent?

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