3400 Clay Street
From a plugged-in “Sleepiguy” last month: “The long expected price reduction [for 3400 Clay] is here! They knocked off about 700k. It’s now $6,295,000. Honestly, that’s still not enough. 5.9 might be a possibility, but that’s pushing it.”
From the listing today: “New price reduction!” Now listed at $5,800,000 (a reduction of $495,000 and now $1,300,000 under original asking).
∙ Listing: 3400 Clay Street (4/5) – $5,800,000 [MLS]
Nothing But Numbers (And A Pretty Picture): 3400 Clay Street [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by john

    $5.8m house + no yard = tough sale.
    check out zillow maps, looks like a deck over garage, and maybe a postage stamp garden.

  2. Posted by fred

    My wife really likes this house so I say it sells soon! It has a Southern exposure, corner location, and 1 block from Sacramento Street.

  3. Posted by tony

    love most of the shots… but the kitchen looks like it needs a remodel (including the aquarium which looks like something you’d find at Target — ie my house — not something for a $5-6MM house).

  4. Posted by Oceangoer

    Does it come complete with poodle or is he extra?

  5. Posted by Sleepiguy

    I don’t think this a bad price for this place. It’s now less that 900 psf which is good because it needs new everything: new kitchen, new baths, and is that a radiator I see in the living room? Also, the shingles are pretty ugly. Those need to go. The lack of a rear yard doesn’t bother me. Does anyone in this part of SF even use their yard? It’s always too cold. If I were looking, I’d definitely try to negotiate a deal here.

  6. Posted by The Milkshake of Despair

    “…and is that a radiator I see in the living room?”
    Yup, clearly the photographer forgot to edit that ugliness out. 🙂
    Actually I hope this is a trend towards honesty in marketing as you can tell that the photographer did do significant work on the images and could have easily ‘shopped out the radiators.
    For example the photo of the kitchen was manually spliced together from two different exposures : One exposed for the low interior light and the other for the bright outside view through the window. That took a lot of work !
    Note to photographer : while the crude HDR-like effort is an improvement, you forgot to tone down the glare off of the granite counter top. Reflections are always dimmer than the incident light !

  7. Posted by lady

    Trick worked, now in contract for one lucky buyer 🙂

  8. Posted by Sleepiguy

    Bingo! Damn, I’m good! Now let’s see if it closes.
    Again, that was absolutely the right price for this house. I think someone will be very happy here! That said, I hope they fix it up a bit, because this house deserves more.

  9. Posted by Sleepiguy

    Also, if anyone is interested, 3641 Clay is back (it’s not on the MLS yet though) for the same price, 8.9 million. It was pulled last year after it didn’t sell. It’s a cool looking property and is totally detached, however 8.9 is still waaaay too high for the south side of Clay.

  10. Posted by Lamboo

    This home is still overpriced. Lots of noise from street, especially cars starting and stopping at corner. Really bizarre mezannine structure build into top floor rear b-room to get peak at golden gate view – looks like a playground structure, with beds under it.paainful gymnastics to sayview home, which it is NOT!!! Basement level dominated by 60’s home theatre – has to go. So lots of work, no view, no garden, lots of noise and no privacy.there are plenty of other better places for only a bit more. This will be hard to resell.

  11. Posted by bridgeviewer

    Well, its under contract… did someone pay 5.8m or less? You knew it had to go at that price. They were starting to act desperate .. fire sale?Anyone know exactly how much? ..

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