While the listing touts: “Sell your car. You won’t need it anymore as this condo is so centrally located to everything that is San Francisco,” the listing also advertises two car parking. Leased (for $550 per month) of course.
∙ Listing: 1252 Washington Street (2/1.5) – $895,000 [MLS]
A Parking Space (And MLS) Pet Peeve [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by fred

    HOA is a thousand bucks? – yikes.

  2. Posted by Spencer

    the 1000/month pays for the upkeep on the 1974 wallpaper.

  3. Posted by redseca2

    $1000 HOA sounds high because there is no mention of a doorperson or the pool or health club that drive up the fee.
    But I have a pet peeve in that we naturally assume this is a monthly charge, but every so often that is not the case, and the charge is for 3, 4, or 6 months. I wish listings would clearly indicate $XXX.XX per month.
    [Editor’s Note: Agreed about the pet peeve (although we do try to note when it’s not monthly, and in this case it is).]

  4. Posted by LookingToMoveToSF

    LOL $1000 HOA. WOW.

  5. Posted by bird_man

    Hmmm, not sure if those views make up for that kitchen.

  6. Posted by Foolio

    Yikes, another $550 in non-deductible cash outlay every month, in addition to the $1000 HOA (if it’s monthly, as I suspect it is)?
    Wow, that’s almost a whole month’s right there.

  7. Posted by pica1986

    Cute place, but the $550/month parking + 1K HOA fee on top of a mortgage payment? Yikes!

  8. Posted by Mole Man

    Excellent bookshelves again, dangerous though they may be.

  9. Posted by Jack

    Why in the world are sellers allowed to advertise parking when it is leased?

  10. Posted by bgelldawg

    Tiny, tiny dark rooms. And the charm of the cable car clang will wear off quickly. The cables make noise constantly, even when the car isn’t passing by.
    I am so tired of agents posting photos of breathtaking views that are not from the unit.
    You won’t see any of those views from the home. The roof deck will be something you use once a year to try to watch fireworks or the Blue Angels.
    Agreed that having to pay $1550 a month in non-deductible fees before you even begin to make your mortgage payments is a deal breaker.
    Can someone do the math and figure that into the price per square foot?

  11. Posted by Gdog

    Note that the HOA includes earthquake insurance. Not that I think it makes sense to have it when the building is on relatively solid ground, and considering how high the deductible probably is. From the comments above it appears that having earthquake insurance also makes resale more difficult and puts downward pressure on prices.

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