Fremont Street Cleared Lots: 321-399 (
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Notices were sent out by the DPW advising property owners within 300 feet of the property of an application for a 3 Lot Merger, and 70 Units new Construction on Fremont Street (321 – 325) between Harrison and Folsom. (Lots 12, 13, and 14) Will this take the place of the now defunct Californian? Or is it at the Folsom end of Fremont?

Our response: The dormant (not necessarily defunct) Californian on Rincon Hill is slated for 375-399 Fremont at the southern end of the block (bordering Harrison), so this development would be in addition to rather than instead.
Our request: Any tipsters have the inside scoop on 321-325 or any early designs?
UPDATE: The Original Designs (And Additional Details) For 325 Fremont.
Are They Clearing The Way For Someone’s Californian On Rincon Hill? [SocketSite]

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  1. Posted by bats

    Don’t know anything about the design but it looks like this site will be in the shadow of the 1RH towers for a good part of the afternoon. (See the long late-afternoon shadow at the top of the picture).

  2. Posted by SFhighrise

    321-325 is closer to Folsom than Harrison. I wonder if that space will include the demolotion of the last remaining building behind the copper works building. Does anyone know?

  3. Posted by phatty

    I live in the Avalon Towers (the grey building to the left of the dirt) and have never had a problem, or even noticed for that matter, with the shadow from 1RH. 1RH hill is southwest of this spot… and I’m not to keen on the earth’s orbit around the sun, but I think this means that the shadow will only come close in the winter – and will probably won’t even touch?

  4. Posted by SFhighrise

    For the good part of the afternoon? Have you ever seen how skinny 1-Rincon is? I’ll bet it isn’t in the shadow more than 15 minutes.

  5. Posted by SFhighrise

    Here is the link to the original rendering of 325 Fremont:
    This is very dated and appears to be much larger than 70 units.

  6. Posted by Sb

    Good point SFhighrise. I guess if it was near the SOMA Grand it would be in shadow for months.

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